90 Day Fiance–Danielle and Mohammed Divorce

I had fallen off the grid over the Christmas and New Year holiday, so I’m just catching up to this news.

Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance on TLC introduced us to Danielle and Mohammed.


In my review of the season, I personally didn’t think this marriage would last.  It was a nonstarter from the beginning.  It wasn’t just the 15 year age difference.  There was also the discrepancy in attractiveness.  Mohammed is an 8 on a scale of 1-10 while Danielle is only a 2.  This sounds crass, and we like to think that love can conquer all, but humans practice assortative mating.  The 8’s will end up with other 8’s while 2’s end up with other 2’s.  It could still work if there’s a point or two difference, but a 6 point difference is too much without compensating factors and Danielle didn’t have any.  She was raising 4 children, can’t keep a job, and can’t keep the lights on in her apartment.  She’s a mess.

Mohammed also avoided expressions of intimacy with Danielle, he didn’t even kiss her after vows were exchanged in the ceremony.  When he consulted with an immigration attorney during one of the episodes, it was clear that he had mentally checked out of the relationship.  There were also a lot of unexplained absences of Mohammed.  Nobody knew this relationship would last, not even Danielle’s family.

So it’s no surprise that Danielle announced that she and Mohammed were divorcing.  News of this spilt can be found here and here.  This news came sooner than I expected.  Mohammed is still on a conditional green card and if he were to legally stay in the US, he would have to prove that he had good intentions when marrying Danielle.  Good luck with that.  He can probably move elsewhere and remain in the country, but he would do so as an illegal alien.

This should be an object lesson to the reader.  Choose wisely.  We all have dreams of being with a hot girl and have her as your wife, but you have to be in the same league.  This probably means that if you’re not very attractive, you should probably aim lower than an 8 for a foreign bride.  You can still be happy and it will make for a more stable relationship.



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2 responses to “90 Day Fiance–Danielle and Mohammed Divorce

  1. Stacey

    Your relationship grading system is the most idiotic, shallow load of BS I have ever heard! People are attracted to other people based on more than just looks. This just shows what a narrow mind you truly have

    • Nonsense. Daniell’s family couldn’t even believe the disparity in looks. A person’s looks is the first impression people make and everybody knows this. It determines whether or not contact is initiated. “Inner beauty” is a concept that we peddle to children so that we don’t end up crushing their self esteem.

      Even if we were to follow your advice and look at “inner beauty”, Danielle still has none. She’s an emotional basket case that can barely keep the lights on.

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