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Woman’s Day March 8

International Woman’s Day is a holiday that just occurred in March 8.  This may come as news to the international bride seeker because this holiday isn’t celebrated in the West.  It was typically celebrated in countries of the former Soviet Union in honor of the sacrifices that women have made for the home land.  So the holiday carried some political significance when communists ruled the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Nowadays, the holiday lost some of its political significance but Russian women, as well as other women in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union still treat this as a special holiday where men give them gifts and flowers.  So as a bride seeker, you must remember this holiday.  It’s likely that your woman has dropped you hints of the upcoming day in your correspondence with her.

You are expected to buy her a gift for this special day.  Yes, you just celebrated Valentine’s Day with her, and yet, there’s also another female-centric holiday that you must celebrate less than a month away.  It can drive you crazy.  I know.  But this is something that we men must do for love.

There are many flower and gift delivery services on the internet that you can use, so you can’t use distance or the language barrier as an excuse.  If you are corresponding with a girl through a marriage agency then the agency can also help you arrange a gift delivery for her.

In the end, if you don’t give your Russian girls something on this day, or let it pass unremarked, then you are dead meat!  It will put a damper on the relationship and she may think you aren’t serious.  So send her some flowers at least, and make sure you send them in odd numbers (1,3,5,etc).  I know that a dozen roses is considered a romantic gift in the West, but in Russia it is a bad omen.  Flowers given in even numbers are reserved for funerals.  This would be the only thing you should keep in mind when giving flowers to a Russian woman.




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