Black Men Should Consider Brazil!

Occasionally, black men or other non-caucasian men will venture into the discussion of men seeking brides in Russia and the former Soviet Union (FSU), and ask (more or less) what their chances are of getting a lovely Russian bride.  They are effectively asking if their race will be a hinderance to their chances or are Russians tolerant to mixed race relationships?

The short answer is that a black man won’t be very successful in looking for a bride in the FSU.  It may be overly harsh to say that Russian people are racist, but interracial relationships aren’t broadly accepted and many families may discourage their daughters from marrying one, knowing the difficulties she’ll encounter in life.  In my travels to this part of the world, I saw only about two black people total.  To give you even more anecdotal evidence, hip hop and rap have risen in popularity in Russia, but the artists are all white guys.  There’s not a single black guy.  This was a little comical for me to see at first when I started traveling to this part of the world–music videos of a bunch of scrawny white guys wearing bling while standing by fancy cars and girls in bikinis singing about “bitches n’ hos” in russian.  I also found it interesting that when Russians use the term “black men”, they are referring to men of Arab decent.  Hopefully this gives you an idea of how rare black people are in this part of the world and I can’t honestly say that black men will get a warm welcome by the Russian women.

But all is not lost for the black man!  You just need to head south…to BRAZIL!  I’ve written about Brazil before and it seems that there’s the same demographic problems that Russia has: not enough men!  The Brazilian women also seem to be warm and passionate and have respect for men and family.  Brazil also has the largest black population in the world outside of Africa so they would be much more tolerant of black men than people in Russia, I would bet.  But don’t take my word for it.

Frustrated: Black American Men in Brazil is a recent documentary that documents a growing trend of black American men voting with their feet and seeking love in greener pastures.  You can find this documentary on the internet and I have shared it below.

They interview black men from all walks of life, and the reasons they give mesh very well with why all men in general are looking overseas.  They are simply sick and tired of the spoiled princess entitlement of American women!

Frustrated also interviews a couple of American black women and their answers are a real hoot.  One black woman’s BMI has skyrocket past ” a few extra pounds and curvey” and rapidly approaching “beached whale”, but attributes her lack of success with black men to her “success”.  Success in what?  Competitive eating?  Get real!

The other black American princess is pleasant to look at until she opens her mouth.  She might have a masters degree and make a six-figure salary but she’s willing to settle for a black man that makes $75,000/year.  Her and “beached whale” don’t understand why black men can’t give black women like them a chance instead of going to Brazil to hook up with Brazilian hotties.  Such educated ladies can surely spell delusional.

I know that “black princess” thinks she’s being magnanimous by willing to settle for $75,000/year, but at a median income of only $50,000/year in the USA, she is still pricing herself out of the market.  Consider that most of the men interviewed in Frustrated have been to Brazil about a dozen times each and some even live there.  So they have money, which would imply a stable job.  And they still wouldn’t measure up to “black princess'” expectations.

And to top it off she says that she might not be able to cook a nice meal when he gets home because she doesn’t have time.  Here’s a solution: MAKE THE TIME!  I don’t understand why American women think they don’t need to put any effort in attracting or keeping a man and think they’re entitled to a man that makes just as much as them and charming to boot.  Priorities, ladies!

“Beached whale”, on the other hand, needs to get her butt on a treadmill and drop a hundred pounds at least, but such advice would be futile.  Women like her tend to live in their own little worlds and surround themselves with sycophants chanting “you go girl” and posting selfies of themselves in bikinis to try and encourage fat acceptance.

Don't judge me!!

Don’t judge me!!

This rant isn’t to suggest that I think women should quit their jobs and get back in the kitchen.  Modern day economics wouldn’t even allow that.  It takes dual income households to raise a family these days.  But as a lot of the men in Frustrated suggest, it’s about showing respect to what a man brings to the table and having realistic expectations.

The video ends with a montage of interviews given by Brazilian women and the difference between these girls and “black princess” and “beached whale” is striking.  It’s not just the appearance, although that’s a big plus.  They speak in soothing soft voices and they look very easy-going judging by their body language and posture.

The black man can try Russia if he wants to, but it seems like heading to Brazil would be more fulfilling!



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2 responses to “Black Men Should Consider Brazil!

  1. Hello!
    I am more than excited to introduce you to film director Al Greeze and his most controversial documentary, Frustrated Chapter 2: Mama’s Baby, Daddy’s Maybe, in the hopes that both the documentary and father rights will be a topic for an upcoming article- as his first film Frustrated Chapter 1 was the topic for a past article on your site.

    With over 18 million effected by child support in the US, father rights is one of the most over looked human rights in history.

    Frustrated Chapter 2 exposes unjust family courts, the loopholes in child support accountability, and the number of paternity fraud cases that take place in America. The documentary interviews a host of fathers from different races, backgrounds, and ages who have all been ripped from their child’s life -often times for no other reason then “at the mothers request”. The controversial film also voices the opinions of mothers who are the recipients of monthly child support payments. Here are some quick facts about the current child support system:

    -The child support system generates $500 billion annually

    -1.6 million men are paying child support for a child that is not theirs

    -States receive $1 from the federal treasury for every $1 collected in child support under the Title 4D program

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  2. I have written a blog post about the documentary.

    I understand why black American men want to escape from black American women and ongoing problems in United States. I feel no different from them too.

    In United States, it feels that you are pressured or expected to:

    – work at a job you do not like
    – date or marry a woman you do not love
    – have kid(s) you do not want
    – get along with those who get on your nerves
    – be happy although you are not
    – enjoy life although you want to disappear or sleep and never wake up
    – be satisfied of the money you earn even though you want or deserve more money

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