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GOAL! Add Brazil to Your List!

Congratulations to Germany for winning this year’s World Cup, but more importantly, congratulations to all the fans who traveled to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and won the hearts of the Brazilian ladies!

South America wasn’t a region of the world that I had in mind when I started looking for a wife overseas.  I find the qualities of the Russian and Eastern European women more exotic to my liking.  But it seems that I haven’t given Brazil enough credit so this gives the reader many more options.

This article features a Brazilian lady named Renata de Mouro Moitinho who took a two-hour bus ride with her friends to Rio De Janeiro to meet some men at a World Cup fan fest.  Think about that.  Would an American woman be willing to go to such lengths to find a man?  Get real!  An AW would give you 30 seconds to make your case while she rushes to her yoga class if your lucky and she isn’t on her period.  But that’s because all the good men are taken, right ladies?

Anyway, it seems that Brazil is suffering the same demographic crisis that Russia and Ukraine are:

  • More women than men.  Brazil seems to have 10 women for every nine men leaving many women feeling very lonely.
  • High mortality rates among Brazilian men.  This means they don’t live as long and die at earlier ages.  It could be poor health, risky lifestyles, crime, etc.
  • The Brazilian men aren’t as gentlemanly and come on too strong.

Don’t take my word for it.  Here is what Renata has to say:

“They’re handsome, sweet, humble and generous,” Moitinho said as her friends grabbed hold of the Italian’s hips to lead him in samba’s hallmark sway. “They respect women and don’t come on strong like Brazilian men, who just grab on to you and try to kiss you right away. They’re much more gentlemanly.”

I’m sold.  The behavior Renata describes would get a man friend-zoned in the US.  In Brazil, you would be the cream of the crop.  Consider what an American man, Matthew Coelho has to say:

“On one hand, it’s really easy to meet people here and they’re really friendly and the girls here are excited to meet guys from the U.S. But you sometimes have to think about people’s motivations.


“I went out with this girl in Brasilia and like halfway through the date I began to realize that she just wanted me to pay for her Friday night out. In San Francisco, I’m used to splitting the bill, so it was a little weird.”


“It depends on the kind of people, but you get the impression that some women here think that if you’re a foreigner that you’re rich, which is not my case at all. I’m just a backpacker,” Coelho said, gesturing at his shorts and flip flops.

Even a naive backpacker from San Francisco that dresses like a bum is getting attention from the Brazilian beauties and he isn’t even trying.

I call Matt naive because he still thinks you go dutch on dates, but that isn’t looked on too kindly in other parts of the world, including Russia.  Going dutch won’t even get you that far in the US either.  When was the last time any man got laid going dutch?  Also the fact that Matt is a backpacker should give him some real world experience about the places he’s been to.  He should have little problem spinning a good yarn and having a whole group of Brazilian hotties eating out of his hand.  How would they know how rich he wasn’t unless he told them?  Besides, it’s all relative.  A working stiff in America is often better off financially then a lot of Brazilians, I bet.  Some of the Brazilian women haven’t been much further out of their own town, not to mention traveling the world.

Consider a Brazilian like Catia Santiago:

“I’ve never had the money to travel, so I thought all men were like Brazilians — very fast, very aggressive, Now I see that ‘gringos,'” aren’t like that at all,” she said, adding that the language barrier hadn’t proven a barrier at all. “I’m hooked.”

Matthew and Catia would seem to be a good match.  When Catia looks at someone like Matt, she won’t see a poor backpacker, she’ll see someone like this:

interesting man

The most interesting man in the world!

Imagine what she would see in you!


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