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Olga Reznikova Wants to Help You Find a Ukrainian Wife!

I’ve recommended readers to check out Olga Reznikova’s blog, Discover Ukraine before.  In it she discusses customs and traditions in Ukraine that can help the foreign bride seeker navigate the dating customs in this area of the world.  So it was already a good resource.

Olga Reznikova

I turns out that she gets many questions about dating Ukrainian girls and marriage agencies and she decided to offer consultation services starting at $50.  If Olga can spare you from being a victim of a scammer, bogus agency or green card girl, then I think $50 is well worth the investment.  She can also investigate the legitimacy of agencies and help you arrange flower delivery.  You can read more about the service in one of her recent posts.

Olga has also interviewed Michael Mordinson from the Mordinson’s marriage agency.  I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting Michael when I was in Kharkov, Ukraine on my bride search, so he’s the real deal.  The interview is about 20 minutes but worth checking out.



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Discover Ukraine With Olga Reznikova

Olga Reznikova runs a video channel and blog titled Discover Ukraine that can be a valuable resource for the bride seeker trying to find love in the former Soviet Union (FSU).

She writes and does videos about various topics dealing with Ukraine, it’s culture and various current events effecting this area of the world.

I will share one of her videos here about marriage agencies, but her whole blog and channel is worth a look.

The video is a little long but it’s mostly a warning and word of caution for western men that use marriage agencies.  Some of the salient points:

  • Working at marriage agencies is a popular job in Ukraine for young women and even some men.  Olga claims that there are forums that exist where such people discuss tips and strategies about how to get the most money from hapless foreign men that are interested in a foreign bride.  Olga was even offered such a job at one point in her life.  She also warns that this seems to be a big industry in Odessa, Ukraine, so be cautious when searching for girls here.
  • Pictures can be deceiving.  Even if the woman in the photo is the actual girl, photo editing software can be used to drastically change the woman’s appearance leaving you disappointed when you meet with her in reality.
  • Ukrainian girls aren’t a cheap commodity.  Don’t expect that a Ukrainian girl lives to service her husband and be a housekeeper.  Olga says that they can be quite demanding and expect good clothes, good house, etc.  This is pretty accurate from what I’ve seen also.  It reminds me of a quote from Oscar Wilde: Women have simple tastes.  They only want the best!
  • Olga says to read testimonials.  There can be some confusion here because many unscrupulous agencies and websites will write their own testimonials.  I think she means to read reviews of agencies written by other foreign bride seekers.  To do that you need to find forums and blogs of men that will tell the straight truth about agencies and websites.

Olga is a priceless resource and I think many WM should be grateful to have her helping us and giving advice.  Knowledge is power.


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Introducing Krystyna from UkrainianDatingBlog.com

Krystyna has a unique blog that is relevant to the international, mail order bride (MOB) scene and has interesting perspectives on international relationships and marriages. She’s actively maintained and updated her blog for the past two years so there is much content on a wide range of topics that include marriage agencies, customs and even insight into the hearts and minds of Ukrainian women.

I’m often skeptical when it comes to women offering dating advice. In my experiences in the USA, women’s advice about dating women has never been helpful to me, and often flat-out wrong. But when it comes to international relationships, knowledge of Ukrainian culture and customs is critical and could prevent a man from making some silly and costly mistakes.

So before you make your first trip (or next trip), head over to UkrainianDatingBlog.com and browse around. You can find the link on my blog roll.

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June 19, 2013 · 11:47 pm