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Should You Expect Sex?

A common question that bride seekers tend to ask is if they can expect to have sex with the foreign woman that they date overseas.  The question doesn’t surprise me.  Men consider sex to be of primary importance in their relationship.  However, I also suspect that some men may think that other “traditional” cultures may have traditional views about sex (only in marriage), and therefore, he will have to spend much money, vacation time and effort to bring her to the US on a fiancé visa and marry her before he has a chance to have sex with her.  I also think that men want to be assured that, after going through all this trouble, that a relationship can be consummated.  There’s also the reality that men gauge a woman’s interest in him based on how willing she is to have sex with him.


I can answer with some confidence that you can expect to have sex with the girl that you are dating in Russia and other countries of the FSU.  I can see exceptions in the case of devoutly religious women, but these exceptions are rare as far as I can tell.  So I don’t think foreign bride seekers in this area of the world need to worry about a woman holding out on him if they really like each other.

Bear in mind that women in the FSU are aware and cautious of sex tourism in their area of the world and will avoid men that treat sex as transactional in nature.  This means that you can’t suggest that you spent all this time and money to come see her, and therefore, she owes you some nookie.  You have to date her and know her as a person.  Despite the likelihood of the two of you writing letters and communicating on webcam for months prior to your visit, you haven’t dated her yet.  Fortunately, for you, dating isn’t that expensive in the FSU.  Even in major cities you can find a café or recreational activity that is reasonable in price.  Don’t forget that there is no such thing as going Dutch in the FSU.  The man pays for the dates.  Also, there will be no shopping sprees!

After a few days into your visit when you’ve established some comfort and attraction, you can invite her to your apartment for wine or champaign.  If she agrees, then sex will most certainly happen.  Try to establish as seductive and romantic atmosphere as possible and try to lead her into sex naturally.  She may stop you to use the bathroom or shower.  Let her.  Russian women aren’t teases like American women are.  If she’s accepted an invitation to your place, she is willing to have sex.

Many veteran bride seekers have suggested a 5-day rule.  If you haven’t had sex with her by the fifth day of your visit, then you are supposed to cut off ties and move on.  Many people have resisted this idea because they see that it debases the idea of human relationships.  You certainly don’t want to tell your girlfriend about this rule, but after some experiences, I see wisdom in this rule.  Relationships that I was in that didn’t have sex within this time frame went nowhere.  You also have to consider that dating and courtship is compressed into a one week visit so this tends to accelerate things.

So yes, you can expect to have sex with the girl that you are visiting within a few days.


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