This French-African Woman Gets It!

American men aren’t the only people in the western world that are having such a big problem with the local women that they need to look abroad in other countries for wives.  This African immigrant sees this huge problem in France as well.  She posted a video to YouTube calling out the French women for being so arrogant and disrespectful of men.  She is speaking in French but somebody has translated and subtitled the video.  So I can’t take credit or make any claim as to the translation’s accuracy.  I’m transcribing the subtitles into this post because she’s spot on in her analysis, and I fear that the video may one day be taken down.  Her words must endure.  One cannot describe what troubles relationships between men and women more accurately than she has done.

In the video, she says…

Hello.  So girls, WAKE UP!  Today’s world is going to its end, it’s destroying itself and unfortunately, our behavior as girls is getting worse and worse.  I’m making this video to tell girls: we have to wake up, make some decisions and change a lot of things. Today’s men prefer going to Africa and marry women who live there, instead of us, the women who live in Europe.  Have we ever taken the time to ask ourselves: why?  Why these men reach the point of going to another continent to marry women instead of here, in Europe, though there are beautiful women everywhere? 

We’ve never thought about it. Yes and the answer is very simple: we girls have become…Hum what definition can I give it?  First our behavior DOES NOT MATCH AT ALL WHAT MEN ARE LOOKING FOR!  Our way to respect ourselves.  Our way to talk.  Our way to dress.  Our way to take responsibilities: we are not responsible anymore.  Girls, I’m sorry, OK?  But we have to wake up.  If today’s men choose to marry foreign women, it’s because something is going wrong with women here.  Personally, I don’t see what women in Africa have to offer that we can’t.  As regards to physical beauty ,we are all the same.  But what pushes men into going to another continent to marry a foreign woman? 

You know what?  It’s all about behavior.  Have you ever seen in Kinshasa — just answer honestly — have you ever seen a couple arguing in Kinshasa, and the woman say to the man: “Shut up!”?  Have you ever seen that?  I don’t think so.  But here in Europe…Hey!!  With women’s rights, with stories of beaten women, with child benefits, and grant huge power to women.  Women have become proud.  Women have become spiteful.  Women have become rough.  Women even think that they are men!  But THIS IS NOT WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT! 

Woman! You are — I’m sorry for the expression — just opening your big mouth against your man though you know in the depths of your heart that you NEED HIM!  It’s really sad because I don’t understand why our generation is sinking [sic] that way.  Why can’t we go back into the times of our grandparents, when submission is the rule?  Why did Europe make us so proud?  Why did it make us people that we’re not? 

Yes, you will tell me about “integration”.  But integration is about your life’s environment.  It’s about finding a job, learning the country’s language, etc.  This is the true integration.  Don’t tell me it’s about becoming impolite, like lots of European children, who are allowed to be disrespectful with their parents. 

You know…the police…I disagree with the way police comes to help in this country.  When they face the case of a couple arguing, instead of just giving some advices [sic], they come and say: ‘ Madame, if you’re feeling bad, just split up.  Arguing that way, all the time…you should end it.  WHAT KIND OF ADVICE IS THIS??!  Have you ever seen a policeman in Africa come in and tell a couple to split up?  WHAT IS THIS??!  Here in Europe, the spirit of separation rules, the spirit of destruction rules…and we can’t continue to live this way. 

That’s right: European women have some advantages over men.  But don’t use these advantages to BREAK your men and make them go away!  Because once your man goes to a foreign country and marries another woman, you’re gonna say: “what does she have that I don’t?”  I’m goona [sic] tell you what she has that you don’t: SHE IS POLITE!  Because in Africa, we teach our children politeness.  A woman can’t talk to her husband with in a bad way [sic].  Yes.  The first thing to do is not to say anything.  The bible says: when the time of happiness comes, enjoy it.  But when the time of sorrow comes, think about yourself.  Because when the hard times come, when we are angry we make bad decisions.  We say bad things.  That’s the power of language!   

I don’t want to teach you lessons, but just to bring you where I am today.  WOMEN!  TAKE AWAY YOUR PRIDE!  Being and independent woman is a good thing.  But you have to know that you can’t be completely independent. Somewhere out there, YOU NEED A MAN.  Even for the smallest things, YOU WILL NEED A MAN.  Pride!  The big head! To say things like: “I have a job”, “I have money”, “I don’t need anyone”.  No!  Don’t think that way! 

Have you ever noticed these beautiful women, very attractive, but when you ask them, they say they are still single.  Have you asked yourself: why??  It’s not about beauty.  You think that if you dress well, put in [sic] some make up, a good man will fall down at your feet?  NO!! 

And you, married women, have you ever asked yourselves why your husbands go elsewhere and seek out for uglier women?  That’s true , I asked myself this question.  The husband cheats with a woman who has nothing in common with the wife (the wife is much more beautiful).  The husband is not looking out for physical beauty.  But for what stands here (the heart), and that the wife at home misses.  Think about it. 

I hope this message gets into you [sic], because it’s sad to see so much single women here, in Europe, whereas men go to marry other women in Africa.  I’m not saying it’s bad: everybody takes his chance.


She closes her video with a word of caution for the foreign bride seeker:

But you, men, too, have to be advised: What guarantees you that they behavior of this woman you’ve brought from another continent won’t change once here in Europe?  In the basis, 80% of (black) women who live here come from Africa.  Once we came here, we discovered a wonderful world of allowance, advantages, etc.  And it somehow changed all of us.  The woman you bring from there might be worse than the ones you fled from, here!  Think about it…and have a nice evening…

It’s good to keep in mind this warning.  I suspect that somewhere in the back of a man’s mind, he’s doing a cost benefit analysis and calculating his odds, and he’s finding the odds are better at finding a nice, beautiful, marriage-minded girl are much greater abroad to make it worth the effort.

Your foreign bride, will need to–to borrow the term of this French woman–integrate into your country and she will take cues from the culture around her as to what behavior may or may not be acceptable.  There is a chance that she will become as bad as the local women you were fleeing.  Certainly there are foreign women of bad character.  If you are selective and really choose your wife based on common values, and you become the husband that she can depend on when she moves to your country, your wife changing into the beast that you have been trying to avoid should be unlikely.


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It’s a Woman’s World, Part II–Ashley Madison

The recent data breach of Ashley Madison, a website designed for cheating spouses to find each other, has created an opportunity to study and determine the gender-based behaviors of men and women on dating websites.  I think this gives us a very accurate picture as to why so many men struggle with online dating because I think what we have learned from the users of Ashley Madison applies to other dating websites in the USA.  So far much of the press and the public seem preoccupied with determining which public, high-profile figures and celebrities we will find that have used the site.

As for me, I wanted to know whether or not women are even on these sites.  A study was done and published on Gizmodo that pretty much confirmed what men that have done online dating have always suspected:

  1. There are orders of magnitude more men on the site than women.
  2. That significant numbers of profiles are fake.  They were created by bots or the people who worked at Ashley Madison
  3. That the men were much more active on the site than the women are.

Yep, it’s pretty much a sausage fest on Ashley Madison.  Check out the raw numbers by gender:

raw dataAnybody who has spent time on dating websites knows that just because you see a profile on the internet, it doesn’t mean that they’re active.  Gizmodo also looked at activity by seeking profiles of people who regularly check their message boxes and use the chat feature (strong indicators of activity).

email dataThis bitter piece of reality will surprise even the most jaded online dater.  There are literally 10,000 active men on Ashley Madison FOR EVERY ONE WOMAN!

This lopsided difference even applies for the chat feature.

chat dataIt would be funny if it weren’t so sad.  Out of the 5.5 million female profiles on Ashley Madison, only a couple thousand of them represented real, active women.  As such they literally have a pick of the litter.

But now it’s time to get real.  The point that Gizmodo and other analysts that take a look at the leaked data are going to miss is that none of these women will actually be (physically) cheating.  Maybe we can count on our hands the number of women that have actually cheated through Ashley Madison, but it might as well be zero.  If social media has taught us anything, it’s that women crave attention.  Women aren’t wired for sex like men are.  If a woman puts up a profile on the internet and get’s bombarded with messages, invitations and likes, this will be enough to satisfy their ego.  They’ll still think they got it….even after they hit the wall.  It’s men that actually want to date and have sex.  They’ll want to actually do the act.

And if you think about it, 10-20 million men as active users are a significant portion of the adult male population in the US.  That’s a lot of lonely men doing an activity that won’t get them laid! Instead they end up sending messages and interest into the aether.

It makes you wonder if there are some dating sites that give men a more balanced ratio.  The good news is that there are.  But you have to go to foreign sites and mail order bride sites.  You still encounter fake profiles, but the balance is much better and the response rate is better (albeit not perfect–there are scammers out there).  This is one reason why I think the foreign bride phenomenon will grow.  American men will seek greener pastures when it comes to dating and initially that will involve the internet.  Once he sees how much better foreign searches works for him, there won’t be any turning back.


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Discover Ukraine With Olga Reznikova

Olga Reznikova runs a video channel and blog titled Discover Ukraine that can be a valuable resource for the bride seeker trying to find love in the former Soviet Union (FSU).

She writes and does videos about various topics dealing with Ukraine, it’s culture and various current events effecting this area of the world.

I will share one of her videos here about marriage agencies, but her whole blog and channel is worth a look.

The video is a little long but it’s mostly a warning and word of caution for western men that use marriage agencies.  Some of the salient points:

  • Working at marriage agencies is a popular job in Ukraine for young women and even some men.  Olga claims that there are forums that exist where such people discuss tips and strategies about how to get the most money from hapless foreign men that are interested in a foreign bride.  Olga was even offered such a job at one point in her life.  She also warns that this seems to be a big industry in Odessa, Ukraine, so be cautious when searching for girls here.
  • Pictures can be deceiving.  Even if the woman in the photo is the actual girl, photo editing software can be used to drastically change the woman’s appearance leaving you disappointed when you meet with her in reality.
  • Ukrainian girls aren’t a cheap commodity.  Don’t expect that a Ukrainian girl lives to service her husband and be a housekeeper.  Olga says that they can be quite demanding and expect good clothes, good house, etc.  This is pretty accurate from what I’ve seen also.  It reminds me of a quote from Oscar Wilde: Women have simple tastes.  They only want the best!
  • Olga says to read testimonials.  There can be some confusion here because many unscrupulous agencies and websites will write their own testimonials.  I think she means to read reviews of agencies written by other foreign bride seekers.  To do that you need to find forums and blogs of men that will tell the straight truth about agencies and websites.

Olga is a priceless resource and I think many WM should be grateful to have her helping us and giving advice.  Knowledge is power.


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Marry a Foreign Woman, Have Smarter Children

If you want to give your future children the best start in life, then you should consider marrying a foreign woman.

A study involving hundreds of thousands of subjects across several different continents have found that certain beneficial traits such as height and intelligence correlate very strongly with how “distantly related” the parents are genetically.

The study was reported on here.


These findings aren’t too surprising to me.  In the biological sciences, heterosis describes enhanced traits resulting from a cross of two genetically disparate organisms to produce offspring with traits that are much more enhanced or better expressed than in the original parents.  Such organisms are called hybrids and they have some very interesting effects.

Plant and animal breeders have been trying to exploit and cope with this biological principle since domestication.  The wider the crosses between parents, the more fit the organism (generally speaking).  This tends to reduce the probability of problematic alleles or genes from being expressed leading to genetic based diseases or malformations.  For example, I know of some dog lovers who desire pure-breeds but have to cope with the expense of dealing with their own unique health problems because their genetic parents aren’t as genetically diverse as the mutts are.

For Your Country!

I honestly think that an underestimated factor in the economic and geopolitical success of the United States is its genetic diversity.  The US draws immigrants from all over the world and they start mingling, pairing off and having hybrid children.  This cycle tends to be self-reinforcing as more genetically viable children start seeking other more genetically viable children through social stratification where they end up marrying and producing more children like themselves.

The resulting prosperity leads to a lot more social mobility.  A prosperous individual won’t necessarily live out his days where he grows up.  He’s going to take advantage of opportunities further from home that will put him in contact, and possibly have children, with people more genetically different than his family, hence reinforcing the cycle further.

For the Children!

Why can’t you find a nice American woman?  The foreign bride seeker will get this question a lot.  Having better, healthier and more competitive children isn’t a reason that most of us have thought of.  We were only thinking of our own happiness.  But leaving a good legacy and giving your children a good start is important to most parents and marrying a foreign woman is now a scientifically validated way of accomplishing this.


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Love in Odessa

I recently returned from a week vacation in Odessa, Ukraine with a Ukrainian girl who is now my fiance.  Not to get too mushy, but I’ve fallen in love with her.  I’m no longer a horny 20-year-old man so I have a clear enough mind to see that this relationship is working well on several different levels.  We have the same temperament and level of commitment.  Our dreams and goals are also similar.  In this day and age of frivolous divorces and out-of-wedlock pregnancies, that’s the best thing a man can realistically hope for.

It’s interesting to me how we both look at our relationship pragmatically.  My fiance, for one thing, recognizes that there is no hope and no future in Ukraine.  For one thing, they are coping with a Russian invasion with little indication that it will end favorably for Ukraine.  Second, even if there was no invasion, the Ukrainian government is corrupt and has utterly failed to provide opportunity to its citizens of even to raise their standard of living.

On the other hand, I realize that I will never find a woman as beautiful and even-tempered as my fiance in the US.  I’m in love with her (truthfully), but she has made it very easy for me to do this and trust her.  My parents are concerned, of course.  But I tell them that I must take this chance and enjoy every minute I am with her for as long as our relationship lasts.  A man was not meant to be alone.  I think my generation and my parents generation have forgotten this fact.  I’m convinced that a lot of problems we face as a country comes down to the fact that American men don’t have much to live or fight for anymore.  It took me a few trips abroad to understand this myself.  We are blessed as a country and it took foreign women in other countries for me to realize this and live life to the fullest.

What About Odessa?

I would highly recommend Odessa.  It is a beautiful, historic and charming city on the coast of the Black Sea.  When I went there earlier in July, the weather was perfect.  We took an excursion into the city to see some sites and a cruise on the Black Sea and witnessed a very beautiful sunset that made the trip much more romantic.  However, most of the time was spent in nightclubs and near beaches and pools.


Romantic sunset on the Black Sea

I still recommend that your first visit abroad to be in the girl’s city.  But Odessa will make a nice second or third trip, because it’s a nice romantic city where you can build a relationship and still be in Ukraine.  I think a man still needs to be careful about taking a Ukrainian or Russian girl abroad.  Or be careful if she pushes a trip abroad too forcefully.  She can become spoiled a little too quickly and you don’t want this.

Odessa is about a 9 hour train ride from Kiev, or you can fly there directly.  We ended up taking the train and I trusted my fiance to make the arrangements that we needed.  I struggled with this because, as a man, I should be taking care of the plans.  However, I realize that the fact that my fiance was so willing to help and make some of the plans spoke volumes for me.  I never had a girl do this for me and it really was a big testament of how much she valued time with me.

I highly recommend checking out the club scene in Odessa with your girl.  I’m not big into clubs myself, but between the clubs, beaches and swimming pools, you’ll get to see how sexy your girl can dress and express herself.  As an American man, this is unusual to see.  Most American women don’t do this, and the ones that do only dress sexy for alpha cads and thugs.  There’s nothing like a woman dressing sexy for her man to make him appreciate what he has, and this is an art that has been lost for the American woman.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve been on dates with women in America and they simply don’t put in the effort.  Consider my article about Ashley McDonald to get an idea of the lengths American women will go to NOT, make a good impression on a date.

The only thing I will caution you about Odessa, is that they’re not yet up to Western standards of hospitality.  It’s a beautiful resort town, and the people are helpful and hospitable, but they haven’t heard of all-inclusive.  So there’s a feeling that they are nickel and diming you for every little thing.  Granted, this often means a few bucks here and there, so it’s not much.  But part of a good vacation is paying one price and enjoying yourself without having to worry about anything else.  This is why the West came up with all-inclusive accommodations.  The customer is even willing to pay a little bit more than he normally would just so he won’t have to worry about any additional costs as he enjoys his vacation.  Maybe one day, Ukraine and the rest of the FSU will understand capitalism.  But don’t let this discourage you from falling in love.  In the long run, it’s worth it!


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It’s Time For Marriage v3.0! Who’s With Me?

The recent Supreme Court decision to grant marriage rights to every gay and lesbian couple in each of the 50 states of America has been a sad and utter routing of a prized American institution.

No your enemy. It's good to know that your enemy is willing to display their insignia openly.

Know your enemy!  It’s good to know that your enemy is willing to display their insignia openly.

So what does the gay marriage decision have anything to do with the foreign bride seeker?  Because the foreign bride seeker is ahead of the curve.  The political and social environment that eventually made gay marriage possible also stacked marriage against the interests of the American man and he simply decided to go Galt.  America should care about what is happening to such men.  Searching for a foreign wife isn’t cheap.  So consequently, the American women that everybody seems to care so much about are losing the opportunity to choose husbands that are productive, skilled, loyal and have a strong sense of personal identity.  So pay attention.  The reasons why legalized gay marriage became possible are the reasons why the AM is searching for love abroad.

The hypocrisy that I see is that while we are celebrating gay marriage, we are also trying to make it illegal for AM to find wives abroad and we try to shame them by calling them losers or misfits.  We assume that such men want maids and sex slaves which equates the man’s righteous search to human trafficking.

Paving the Road to Hell

Judges, politicians, bureaucrats and elected leaders have turned marriage into the mockery that we see today.  You’ve enabled women to nuke their marriages for the most frivolous reasons and called it empowerment.  And they encouraged them every step of the way with success stories of women that have dumped their husbands.  You allowed women to expel a man from the home by granting restraining orders on baseless grounds, then held him down by the barrel of a gun while the courts robbed him in one of the largest wealth redistribution schemes that our law makers can come up with: the family courts system.  You’ve imposed crippling child support and alimony windfall rewards that the man must pay.  If he’s unable to, you throw him in jail!  Meanwhile, you celebrate single motherhood as something honorable and heroic. You always campaigned on your love and respect for family values but you are merely a white-washed tomb. Shame on you!

Our churches and men of the cloth were regarded as vanguards of the nuclear family, but they failed.  They were good men who chose to do nothing while serpents slithered into their churches preaching new age, post-modern, moral relativistic nonsense.  This makes them collaborators.  You married couples that had, at best, a tenuous connection to the church, but you did not counsel them as to what their parish, society and God expected of them.  When their marriages stumbled, you did not help them.  When they divorced, you did not condemn it.  You did not insist that the man is the leader of his family.  You preached that man is supposed to love his wife like Christ loved the church by giving into the wife’s growing childish demands including her demand to divorce.  Shame on you!

Men, where were you?  How did you drop the ball on this?  Why couldn’t you have put your foot down with your wife and children and lay down the law?  You are their provider and protector. You lead, they follow.  It’s that simple.  This means saying “no” once in a while.  Sure they’ll scream and yell.  They’ll get over it.  Drama is the domain of women.  You are supposed to be their rock and their support, but you got sucked into their distractions as a result.  How comfortable is that couch?  How comfortable is that studio apartment you had to move into in the wrong side of town?  How comfortable is that jail cell you have to stay in because you couldn’t pay your child support?  Maybe if you had put your foot down you may have gotten some respect at least.  Shame on you!

(American) Women, the worst of them all.  You’ve turned your homes into a hostile working environment because of your childish demands.  Instead of deferring to your husband on matters of the family and home, you deferred to Oprah and every other half-wit standing in front of a camera.  You listened to them tell you that you were unhappy, oppressed and were worth more than what you were getting from your husband.  So you challenged him on everything, you withheld sex, you nagged him, you insisted he do chores around the house that he was providing you out of love, and when this made him a different man than the one you married, you detonated the marriage for your 30 pieces of silver.  Shame on you!

Only when we have debased the institution of marriage to the hollowed-out husk that it is, did we think it was a good idea to expand it to include gays and lesbians.  It is only the beginning of a long slippery slope to hell.  They’ll be legalizing polygamy next because, you know, love is the only thing that matters, right?  What about pedophiles?  I’m pretty sure “love” is a factor there too.  Incest? Bestiality?   I don’t even want to contemplate that and we have long ago lost the moral authority to determine what is right and what is wrong.

Boundaries exist for a reason.  Unfortunately, too many people insist on tearing them down.  And once everybody can marry (and divorce) for any reason, there will be no compelling reason why anybody should marry.  Marriage rates are already in decline.  How much worse will it get before we feel a need to shore up and restore the institution of marriage?

Marriage v3.0

Women and their enablers in government, the church and their peer groups are driving divorce in this country.  Statistics vary, but roughly 60-70% are filed by women, and there is reason to believe that this is understating matters.  How many divorces are men filing because their wife has decided to make his life a living hell?  I wish there was more data to quantify this type of divorce.

However, while women are driving the divorce trends, men are clearly driving the marriage trends.  I’m not just talking about the formal proposal on bent-knee with diamond, but whether or not men are showing up in the first place.

Kay S Hymowitz

Stories abound all over the internet of women wanting marriage and asking where the real men are?

Marriage v1.0 is the idealized arrangement in the past that was made between a man and woman in front of God and everybody while celebrated and seen as the foundation of any civilized people, and the only legitimate means of procreation.  Both man and women had the roles in the marriage and society expected both of them to live up to them in exchange for the benefits they received from the arrangement: love, respect, loyalty, security, etc

Marriage v2.0  is what happened to marriage after the feminists and their enablers put their claws on it.  It gave the women the “right” to terminate a legally binding contract on baseless grounds while still keeping the children and a sizable portion of the marital assets as well as claims to a sizable portion of her ex husband’s future income under the threat of imprisonment.  This is the version we are currently operating in and it’s being acknowledged by more and more people as being a raw deal for men and harmful to children.

Marriage v3.0 is intended to be an attempt to restore the institution of marriage to its rightful place, but due to modern solipsistic concerns, it will differ from Marriage v1.0 slightly, which is why I’m suggesting a new version instead of a return to v1.0

At some point, there will need to be a dialog in this country.  If the family unit and availability of men is such a pressing issue in society, we need to gather a representative sample of men and ask them:

1. Do they want to ever get married (again), and if not, why?

2. What do they expect from the arrangement in exchange for committing to a single women and supporting her and the children she bears?

3. If you are considering seeking a wife abroad, what would it take to consider AW again?

Women will not be allowed to participate in this discussion or respond to it.  There will be no female panel for the sake of “balance”.  It’s not about suppressing the women’s views on the matter.  It’s about creating a safe zone wear the men can feel free to talk about their needs and desires in marriage without being ridiculed, judged or shouted off of the stage.

This will never happen, at least not in the near future.  Women dominate the mass media platforms in this country (even FOX hasn’t escaped the tentacles of modern-day feminism) and they aren’t giving it up without a fight.  But I imagine that such a list that men come up with for Marriage v3.0 will include these.

  1. Marriage v3.0 will be regarded as a binding contract between two consenting adults. This means there will be a cost to whoever breaks this contract.  Marriage v3.0 will be considered under jurisdiction of the church.  Consequently, the government cannot interfere under the precedent of Separation of Church and State. Marriage became the abomination of Marriage v2.0 because we let the government get involved.  This ends now.
  2. A person who initiates a baseless divorce under Marriage v3.0 forfeits their claims to custody of the children, marital assets and future income of their spouse.  They are to immediately vacate the marital home.
  3. The only grounds for divorce in Marriage v3.0 will be adultery committed by their spouse or abandonment for a period not less than two years (except if a spouse is called away to war or conscripted for any other national emergency).  Abuse can be used as grounds for divorce if there is a trial separation and a court of law has determined that an assault has occurred.  In these cases, the offended spouse will be entitled to compensatory and punitive damages from the offending spouse.
  4. The wife will defer to the husband in concerns of finance, rearing of the children, and religious and political affiliations.  In regards to weightier matters, the husband is the boss.  He may solicit input from his wife, but his word is final.  Men are being blamed for a lot in society while women are raising feral, entitled children and squandering wealth on conspicuous consumerism.  It’s time to actually return authority and responsibility to men so they can accept this blame.  They can’t do any worse the way I see it.
  5. A groom will expect a dowry from his bride or bride’s family if his bride is not a virgin before the marriage contract is final.  A wife that has had sex with a man (or men) prior to her husband is a risk to the durability of the marriage and the husband can never be certain that he has her love solely and completely.  Therefore a type of deposit is required in the form of a dowry.
  6. A husband isn’t required to support children that a wife may have had with a man from a previous relationship when he marries her.  He may formally adopt them when presented with an additional dowry.  If he does so, his wife will defer to him in regards to their upbringing.
  7. All births in the marriage will require a paternity test to ensure the man that he has fathered this child and can raise it as his own without worry that it may not be his (especially if his bride wasn’t a virgin).  If it’s discovered that it isn’t his child, he can divorce on ground of adultery and is entitled to damages.  He will not be responsible for raising this child or supporting his ex-wife.
  8. If a wife withholds sex in the marriage (except in the case of serious illness), refuses or is unable to give birth to children that the husband wants, he may not divorce, but he can marry another wife.  He will be obligated to support additional wives but this won’t be considered adultery so there’s no grounds for his wife to divorce.  One of the major factors that weighs in a man’s decision to marry a woman is having exclusive and regular sex with her, so that he knows his children are his and can provide for them and his wife with good reason.  So this part of marriage needs to be guaranteed for a man to think seriously about entering such a contract.  If she fails or refuses to do this, a man can seek satisfaction elsewhere, but she must marry her and raise the children from such a coupling.  Financial ruin and humiliation in a divorce hangs over a man’s head like the Sword of Damocles while he’s married.  This is the only way I can think of to turn the tables so that women will realize that they have obligations also and consequences for failure to fulfill them.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but I think you get the idea.  It seems heavily slanted towards men and that’s because it is.  If you want men to consider marriage with American women, then you have to sweeten the deal.  If women want to marry they may have to join a church and play along.  Either way, this should increase church attendance and perhaps give people a moral compass in the process and realize that a marriage isn’t just about them or what they can get.  They have to consider the needs of another person. I need to emphasize that nobody, man or woman, will be trapped in marriage.  They can leave at anytime, but it will cost them.

Until then, you can find me overseas with the other bride seekers.


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Italian Fund Manager Serra: “Never Marry an American Woman!”

Quite a few events have happened recently in my life that have forced me to put my blog on the back burner.  I accepted a new job offer that a really couldn’t say “no” to.  Meanwhile, I flew to Kiev to meet with a girl who I’ve been corresponding with.  The meeting went well and, upon my return, I had to frantically make arrangements to move from my home in Chicago to my new job in Houston and get settled.  So things have been very busy.

The news story that nudged me back into writing another blog article comes from a New York Times interview with an Italian fund manager named Davide Serra.  Serra has been a very successful fund manager that manages a $2.5 billion hedge fund that has been seeing impressive returns lately.  So naturally, people want to ask him for investment advice:

“Never, ever marry an American woman. That’s the advice I give my friends.”

Funny, that!  I’m sure that his friends would be more interested in his advice about finance and investing than his advice about love and marriage.  But if you think about it, your choice of spouse is probably the most important investment decision you can make as a man.  Quite simply, choosing the wrong woman to marry can financially ruin you and Serra understands this.  Serra continues:

“My wife is the real asset on my balance sheet,”

I like Serra not just because he’s successful, but he also speaks his mind.  But I think because he’s wealthy, married to a Gucci model and is good-looking, he can get away with something like this.  Check him out.  Isn’t he dreamy?

Easy ladies, he's taken!

Easy ladies, he’s taken!

The American woman that interviewed him couldn’t even slam him too hard for his views on American women:

She is Italian — a former Gucci model and an interior decorator — and is apparently not nearly as demanding as he believes American wives to be.

The parting shot from this AW calling herself a journalist was the worst she can come up with.

Ironically, days before this article was published, a British man’s life is ruined for joking that men and women can’t work together in science.  The backlash against Tim Hunt’s remarks were so severe that he is said to have resign his position.  But let’s get real, he was forced out.

So why does Hunt have to bite the bullet and not Serra?  Well, for one thing, Hunt is not the type of man woman would be pining for to begin with.

Sir Tim Hunt

Sir Tim Hunt

His wife isn’t really much to look at either.

Professor Mary Collins

Professor Mary Collins

Hunt is a knighted Nobel prize winner and his wife is a respected immunologist and it didn’t save his career.  While Serra is also high status and made a more inflammatory sexist remark but emerges from the incident unscathed. Why?

For those who just crawled out from under a rock and not know how the world works, looks matter.  Both Serra and his wife are attractive and Hunt and his wife are not.  We love beautiful people and tend to give them some leniency as a result. Second, it’s not enough to be high status.  You have to be high status in a field that counts.  AW don’t care about a Nobel prize winner that’s been knighted.  But a man in finance that was able to put a ring on a model’s finger?  Well, that’s catnip for the ladies!

I work in STEM and I know how this is like.  It’s a stable career that can support a family and my career is still advancing, but dating AW has been a brutal slog and I haven’t made any sexist remarks that I’m aware of.  But I know of men in real estate, finance and brokers that do very well with the opposite sex.

In all fairness, being in STEM can effect an AM’s chances in Russia and the FSU because the impression is that people in STEM don’t make much money in those countries and have to find jobs outside of their field.  It’s one factor that’s causing Russia and other FSU countries to lose their talented people and it’s harming their economic and technological development.

Nevertheless, seeking a bride in the FSU is considerably easier.  For one thing, it’s a much more enjoyable experience to date a woman overseas..  Second, you won’t have to worry about much feminist sexist persecution in these countries.  Third, Davide Serra is right–AW are too demanding so don’t marry them.

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