This French-African Woman Gets It!

American men aren’t the only people in the western world that are having such a big problem with the local women that they need to look abroad in other countries for wives.  This African immigrant sees this huge problem in France as well.  She posted a video to YouTube calling out the French women for being so arrogant and disrespectful of men.  She is speaking in French but somebody has translated and subtitled the video.  So I can’t take credit or make any claim as to the translation’s accuracy.  I’m transcribing the subtitles into this post because she’s spot on in her analysis, and I fear that the video may one day be taken down.  Her words must endure.  One cannot describe what troubles relationships between men and women more accurately than she has done.

In the video, she says…

Hello.  So girls, WAKE UP!  Today’s world is going to its end, it’s destroying itself and unfortunately, our behavior as girls is getting worse and worse.  I’m making this video to tell girls: we have to wake up, make some decisions and change a lot of things. Today’s men prefer going to Africa and marry women who live there, instead of us, the women who live in Europe.  Have we ever taken the time to ask ourselves: why?  Why these men reach the point of going to another continent to marry women instead of here, in Europe, though there are beautiful women everywhere? 

We’ve never thought about it. Yes and the answer is very simple: we girls have become…Hum what definition can I give it?  First our behavior DOES NOT MATCH AT ALL WHAT MEN ARE LOOKING FOR!  Our way to respect ourselves.  Our way to talk.  Our way to dress.  Our way to take responsibilities: we are not responsible anymore.  Girls, I’m sorry, OK?  But we have to wake up.  If today’s men choose to marry foreign women, it’s because something is going wrong with women here.  Personally, I don’t see what women in Africa have to offer that we can’t.  As regards to physical beauty ,we are all the same.  But what pushes men into going to another continent to marry a foreign woman? 

You know what?  It’s all about behavior.  Have you ever seen in Kinshasa — just answer honestly — have you ever seen a couple arguing in Kinshasa, and the woman say to the man: “Shut up!”?  Have you ever seen that?  I don’t think so.  But here in Europe…Hey!!  With women’s rights, with stories of beaten women, with child benefits, and grant huge power to women.  Women have become proud.  Women have become spiteful.  Women have become rough.  Women even think that they are men!  But THIS IS NOT WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT! 

Woman! You are — I’m sorry for the expression — just opening your big mouth against your man though you know in the depths of your heart that you NEED HIM!  It’s really sad because I don’t understand why our generation is sinking [sic] that way.  Why can’t we go back into the times of our grandparents, when submission is the rule?  Why did Europe make us so proud?  Why did it make us people that we’re not? 

Yes, you will tell me about “integration”.  But integration is about your life’s environment.  It’s about finding a job, learning the country’s language, etc.  This is the true integration.  Don’t tell me it’s about becoming impolite, like lots of European children, who are allowed to be disrespectful with their parents. 

You know…the police…I disagree with the way police comes to help in this country.  When they face the case of a couple arguing, instead of just giving some advices [sic], they come and say: ‘ Madame, if you’re feeling bad, just split up.  Arguing that way, all the time…you should end it.  WHAT KIND OF ADVICE IS THIS??!  Have you ever seen a policeman in Africa come in and tell a couple to split up?  WHAT IS THIS??!  Here in Europe, the spirit of separation rules, the spirit of destruction rules…and we can’t continue to live this way. 

That’s right: European women have some advantages over men.  But don’t use these advantages to BREAK your men and make them go away!  Because once your man goes to a foreign country and marries another woman, you’re gonna say: “what does she have that I don’t?”  I’m goona [sic] tell you what she has that you don’t: SHE IS POLITE!  Because in Africa, we teach our children politeness.  A woman can’t talk to her husband with in a bad way [sic].  Yes.  The first thing to do is not to say anything.  The bible says: when the time of happiness comes, enjoy it.  But when the time of sorrow comes, think about yourself.  Because when the hard times come, when we are angry we make bad decisions.  We say bad things.  That’s the power of language!   

I don’t want to teach you lessons, but just to bring you where I am today.  WOMEN!  TAKE AWAY YOUR PRIDE!  Being and independent woman is a good thing.  But you have to know that you can’t be completely independent. Somewhere out there, YOU NEED A MAN.  Even for the smallest things, YOU WILL NEED A MAN.  Pride!  The big head! To say things like: “I have a job”, “I have money”, “I don’t need anyone”.  No!  Don’t think that way! 

Have you ever noticed these beautiful women, very attractive, but when you ask them, they say they are still single.  Have you asked yourself: why??  It’s not about beauty.  You think that if you dress well, put in [sic] some make up, a good man will fall down at your feet?  NO!! 

And you, married women, have you ever asked yourselves why your husbands go elsewhere and seek out for uglier women?  That’s true , I asked myself this question.  The husband cheats with a woman who has nothing in common with the wife (the wife is much more beautiful).  The husband is not looking out for physical beauty.  But for what stands here (the heart), and that the wife at home misses.  Think about it. 

I hope this message gets into you [sic], because it’s sad to see so much single women here, in Europe, whereas men go to marry other women in Africa.  I’m not saying it’s bad: everybody takes his chance.


She closes her video with a word of caution for the foreign bride seeker:

But you, men, too, have to be advised: What guarantees you that they behavior of this woman you’ve brought from another continent won’t change once here in Europe?  In the basis, 80% of (black) women who live here come from Africa.  Once we came here, we discovered a wonderful world of allowance, advantages, etc.  And it somehow changed all of us.  The woman you bring from there might be worse than the ones you fled from, here!  Think about it…and have a nice evening…

It’s good to keep in mind this warning.  I suspect that somewhere in the back of a man’s mind, he’s doing a cost benefit analysis and calculating his odds, and he’s finding the odds are better at finding a nice, beautiful, marriage-minded girl are much greater abroad to make it worth the effort.

Your foreign bride, will need to–to borrow the term of this French woman–integrate into your country and she will take cues from the culture around her as to what behavior may or may not be acceptable.  There is a chance that she will become as bad as the local women you were fleeing.  Certainly there are foreign women of bad character.  If you are selective and really choose your wife based on common values, and you become the husband that she can depend on when she moves to your country, your wife changing into the beast that you have been trying to avoid should be unlikely.


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  1. She should talk to black American women (who desperately want black men) too.

    Now that American/Western men know that they can find better and prettier women in Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Colombia, and other foreign countries, why would the men just stick with the women in their own countries?

    I see the same women or the same type(s) at my job, local store, etc. I am tired of them honestly. I am looking for women who are different. If I have to get on an airplane and fly to a foreign country, then that is what I would do.

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