Marry a Foreign Woman, Have Smarter Children

If you want to give your future children the best start in life, then you should consider marrying a foreign woman.

A study involving hundreds of thousands of subjects across several different continents have found that certain beneficial traits such as height and intelligence correlate very strongly with how “distantly related” the parents are genetically.

The study was reported on here.


These findings aren’t too surprising to me.  In the biological sciences, heterosis describes enhanced traits resulting from a cross of two genetically disparate organisms to produce offspring with traits that are much more enhanced or better expressed than in the original parents.  Such organisms are called hybrids and they have some very interesting effects.

Plant and animal breeders have been trying to exploit and cope with this biological principle since domestication.  The wider the crosses between parents, the more fit the organism (generally speaking).  This tends to reduce the probability of problematic alleles or genes from being expressed leading to genetic based diseases or malformations.  For example, I know of some dog lovers who desire pure-breeds but have to cope with the expense of dealing with their own unique health problems because their genetic parents aren’t as genetically diverse as the mutts are.

For Your Country!

I honestly think that an underestimated factor in the economic and geopolitical success of the United States is its genetic diversity.  The US draws immigrants from all over the world and they start mingling, pairing off and having hybrid children.  This cycle tends to be self-reinforcing as more genetically viable children start seeking other more genetically viable children through social stratification where they end up marrying and producing more children like themselves.

The resulting prosperity leads to a lot more social mobility.  A prosperous individual won’t necessarily live out his days where he grows up.  He’s going to take advantage of opportunities further from home that will put him in contact, and possibly have children, with people more genetically different than his family, hence reinforcing the cycle further.

For the Children!

Why can’t you find a nice American woman?  The foreign bride seeker will get this question a lot.  Having better, healthier and more competitive children isn’t a reason that most of us have thought of.  We were only thinking of our own happiness.  But leaving a good legacy and giving your children a good start is important to most parents and marrying a foreign woman is now a scientifically validated way of accomplishing this.



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2 responses to “Marry a Foreign Woman, Have Smarter Children

  1. Mickey Singh

    just sent this to relatives back home in Punjab who are trying to set me up with local girls. thanks.

  2. I think that an American or Westernized man should marry a foreign woman for mainly true love. Whether they have children or not, they share a strong connection. I am trying to promote international dating from my blog.

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