Italian Fund Manager Serra: “Never Marry an American Woman!”

Quite a few events have happened recently in my life that have forced me to put my blog on the back burner.  I accepted a new job offer that a really couldn’t say “no” to.  Meanwhile, I flew to Kiev to meet with a girl who I’ve been corresponding with.  The meeting went well and, upon my return, I had to frantically make arrangements to move from my home in Chicago to my new job in Houston and get settled.  So things have been very busy.

The news story that nudged me back into writing another blog article comes from a New York Times interview with an Italian fund manager named Davide Serra.  Serra has been a very successful fund manager that manages a $2.5 billion hedge fund that has been seeing impressive returns lately.  So naturally, people want to ask him for investment advice:

“Never, ever marry an American woman. That’s the advice I give my friends.”

Funny, that!  I’m sure that his friends would be more interested in his advice about finance and investing than his advice about love and marriage.  But if you think about it, your choice of spouse is probably the most important investment decision you can make as a man.  Quite simply, choosing the wrong woman to marry can financially ruin you and Serra understands this.  Serra continues:

“My wife is the real asset on my balance sheet,”

I like Serra not just because he’s successful, but he also speaks his mind.  But I think because he’s wealthy, married to a Gucci model and is good-looking, he can get away with something like this.  Check him out.  Isn’t he dreamy?

Easy ladies, he's taken!

Easy ladies, he’s taken!

The American woman that interviewed him couldn’t even slam him too hard for his views on American women:

She is Italian — a former Gucci model and an interior decorator — and is apparently not nearly as demanding as he believes American wives to be.

The parting shot from this AW calling herself a journalist was the worst she can come up with.

Ironically, days before this article was published, a British man’s life is ruined for joking that men and women can’t work together in science.  The backlash against Tim Hunt’s remarks were so severe that he is said to have resign his position.  But let’s get real, he was forced out.

So why does Hunt have to bite the bullet and not Serra?  Well, for one thing, Hunt is not the type of man woman would be pining for to begin with.

Sir Tim Hunt

Sir Tim Hunt

His wife isn’t really much to look at either.

Professor Mary Collins

Professor Mary Collins

Hunt is a knighted Nobel prize winner and his wife is a respected immunologist and it didn’t save his career.  While Serra is also high status and made a more inflammatory sexist remark but emerges from the incident unscathed. Why?

For those who just crawled out from under a rock and not know how the world works, looks matter.  Both Serra and his wife are attractive and Hunt and his wife are not.  We love beautiful people and tend to give them some leniency as a result. Second, it’s not enough to be high status.  You have to be high status in a field that counts.  AW don’t care about a Nobel prize winner that’s been knighted.  But a man in finance that was able to put a ring on a model’s finger?  Well, that’s catnip for the ladies!

I work in STEM and I know how this is like.  It’s a stable career that can support a family and my career is still advancing, but dating AW has been a brutal slog and I haven’t made any sexist remarks that I’m aware of.  But I know of men in real estate, finance and brokers that do very well with the opposite sex.

In all fairness, being in STEM can effect an AM’s chances in Russia and the FSU because the impression is that people in STEM don’t make much money in those countries and have to find jobs outside of their field.  It’s one factor that’s causing Russia and other FSU countries to lose their talented people and it’s harming their economic and technological development.

Nevertheless, seeking a bride in the FSU is considerably easier.  For one thing, it’s a much more enjoyable experience to date a woman overseas..  Second, you won’t have to worry about much feminist sexist persecution in these countries.  Third, Davide Serra is right–AW are too demanding so don’t marry them.


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