90 Day Fiance–Len and Alina

When I was going through the archives for 90 Day Fiance on the TLC website, I became interested in the story of Len and Alina.  They were not featured in the first season because their relationship was pretty much a non-starter.  They were going through the visa application process but it was never completed and no visa was issued and Alina never arrived in America.  So their brief relationship wouldn’t really add much to a full season that featured other couples.

I decided to make Len and Alina a topic for discussion because this is likely to be a result for many men looking for brides overseas.  Len meets Alina in Lugansk, Ukraine and falls in love with her.  They agree to start the visa process, but overtime, Alina starts to lose interest and disappears for weeks at a time.  In a final conversation over webcam, Alina confesses that she went to Turkey to meet another man who spoils her.  Click Len and Alina’s photo to watch the video of the climactic conversation on TLC’s website.

len and alina

Faced with trust issues, Len withdraws his sponsorship for Alina’s visa.

Something very similar to this happened with me and my ex fiance.  A few other men I know have gone through this type of situation before also.  So it is a very realistic possibility that some of your foreign relationships will end the same way.

This type of scenario seems to happen with enough regularity that it makes me suspicious of women that have frequently traveled abroad.  This is especially true if a woman travels abroad by herself while she is dating you like what Alina was doing to Len.  A lot of people will argue with me on this point, but if she travels alone while in a relationship with you, it is a bad omen.  You might think you have a relationship with her but you are actually the furthest thing from her mind, I assure you.  And this has happened to me with my Russian ex fiance and American women so it doesn’t matter where she is from. There might be a slim chance that she’ll come back to you, but don’t keep yourself on edge.  Assume the worst.  If she comes back into your life then she has some serious making up to do with you.  In Len’s case he tells Alina, flat-out, that he doesn’t trust her and ends the relationship.  This is the first lesson I wanted to convey about Len and Alina’s story.

Second, your first meeting with her should be in her city.  It doesn’t seem that Len did this.  The videos on TLC’s website suggest that Alina lived in a village in Ukraine and they met in Lugansk.  Granted Lugansk is still in Alina’s country but it is still not her city.  This is important because you need to meet with her in her environment where she has family and other people who know her well.  You can gather a lot about her character by seeing her interact with her local people.  Even if you don’t understand a word you can glean a lot of impressions.  Meeting her in her city would be such a value-added experience for your relationship that this should be a hard and fast rule.  You will eventually end up in her city meeting her family while in a relationship with her, so it might as well be during your first meeting.  Only spoiled gold-diggers will pressure you into meeting outside her city.

I hope that Len doesn’t give up after such a setback.  He’s successful, in good shape and seems to have a nice personality.  He shouldn’t have much problem finding another beauty in Ukraine or wherever he looks.  Unfortunately, he happened to have ended meeting a spoiled brat but you can’t let some setbacks derail your search for love overseas.


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