Follow-up to Hollaback’s Harassment Hysteria

My previous post regarded a 2-minute video that went viral depicting a woman being “harassed” on the streets of New York City with crude comments such as Hey beautiful or God bless or wanna talk?  I disputed that this depicted harassment at all and suggested that awareness videos like this are doing more harm than good in regards to gender relations in this country.  After some further investigation, I’m concluding that this publicity stunt is an outright fraud!

You see, my first impression when watching the video was that the female subject wanted to document the harassment she encountered during her daily routine around New York and recruited a friend who she wanted to walk ahead of her with a concealed camera on his back to document what she had to endure.

It turns out that I wasn’t even close.  It seems that the harassment was staged.  The director is a hack named Rob Bliss that wanted to score some brownie points with the fairer sex as either a misguided do-gooder-activist or in an attempt to prove that “not all men are like that” and hope the women swoon over his sensitivity to mundain issues.  Bliss discusses his hack job in this reddit thread.

Reading through the reddit thread and this Roosh forum thread, a few things become apparent:

  • Beauty is NOT in the eye of the beholder!

In the previous article, I rated the female subject of the video as a 5 on a scale of 1-10.  It seems that other men are also rating her between a 5-6.  This isn’t the only example of men who don’t know each other independently agreeing on the level of attractiveness for a woman.  Beauty is objective therefore beauty being in the eye of the beholder is a myth.  Your never going to see a man ranking a solid 5 as a 9 or 10.  The idea is ludicrous!  If I’m wrong, then there wouldn’t be as many men looking for foreign women as there are now.

  • The female subject is an actress

The lady in the video is an aspiring actress named Shoshana Roberts that was commissioned by Bliss.

Shoshana Roberts

Even good studio lighting, showing some cleavage, make-up and airbrushing can only bump a rating of 5 up to a rating of 6!

Roberts was instructed to dress conservatively and not to interact and reply to her antagonists.  This was probably a smart move.  Bliss et al seem to be aware that if the woman dresses too provocatively or verbally escalates a confrontation, then any claims to harassment would be groundless.  But also consider…

  • She was walking around in a bad part of town for 10 hours

This was something I hadn’t realized since I was assuming that this was where a real woman lived and walked, but that whole video was of a hired actress walking around bad neighborhoods of New York for ten hours!  When called out on this fine example of race and class profiling, Bliss replied that they had walked around other neighborhoods and had harassment from white antagonists but the footage was unusable.  Sorry but that doesn’t add up!  This video was culled from ten hours of footage.  This couldn’t have been all shot on the same day.  It had to have taken a week at least.  Maybe if you were ambitious it would take a few days.  But nobody is going to be walking around New York City for ten hours straight.  So here’s a thought: when Bliss reviews footage from the day’s work (which is probably a couple of hours worth–tops!) and finds some unusable or unaudible comments, why not simply return to the location and reshoot?  If street harassment was such a big problem, it should be easy to get more footage.

But Bliss has been exposed as a hack and is now doing damage control.  He and Roberts didn’t go anywhere near other neighborhoods, and if they did, he couldn’t get any harassment on tape because higher status men in more affluent areas probably ignored her.  She is only a 5.  So the only attention she is going to get is from men who are lower ranking than her like the men they did capture in the video and the 4 that she is currently dating:

Shoshana boyfriend

Her current boyfriend is a chap named Michael Rubin.  He’s a little too herbish for her but he has money going for him.  Rubin works at JP Morgan Chase, but if by some extreme luck, Robert’s acting career takes off, he’ll be history.

I smell a fraud in the works!

To review, Bliss and Roberts stage an event in which they stroll around the slums for several days trying to bait poverty stricken minorities to compile a trailer length, 2-minute video, and the worst they were able to capture was a few pleasantries and a guy following her for a while to try and get her to talk while respecting her personal space.  Perhaps at this point a rational person might have to admit that the street harassment problem has been exaggerated and that any claimed incidents were exceptions to the rule or urban legends.

But that’s not what they did.  It all about raising awareness and starting a dialog, you know? And they aren’t going to let reality get in the way!  But to what end?  What’s the goal?

Looking around Hollaback’s website, it didn’t take me long to find the video and a donate button!  They’re soliciting donations?  Donations for what?  Producing more harassment videos?  Are they going to hire bodyguards for these hapless damsels?  If so, then let me know so that I can apply.  Walking around a city with a woman that isn’t being harassed would be the easiest job ever.  Most gentlemen do it for free!  Suckers…

This is starting to look like the Anita Sarkeesian Scandal.  For anybody who doesn’t know Anita Sarkeesian claimed to be a nonprofit that was soliciting funds through crowdsourcing to raise awareness to gender bias within video games and launch programs to include more female participation in the gamer community.  She concocted a martyr facade that she was being threatened, witchhunted and cyberbullied on the internet for her views in order to generate sympathy and raise donations.  She then took the money and ran!  (That’s the basic overview.  Google her for details).

There are a lot of parallels between the Sarkeesian Scandal and this Hollaback Hysteria–Pushing a hot button political issue to raise money and do God-knows-what with it while trolling for comments and calling it dialog.  Initially I was rolling my eyes.  But now I’m angry!


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One response to “Follow-up to Hollaback’s Harassment Hysteria

  1. Danielle Smith

    I agree with this article. I was raised in Spanish Harlem and Shoshana is just in impostor. I was brought up in the projects and because a guy says hi, it doesn’t mean anything. This video is fake.

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