Hollaback’s Harassment Hysteria!

A new video has gone viral this week that documents the harassment that ordinary women have to endure as they walk through city streets minding their own business.  The awareness group Hollaback posted a 2-minute video montage of all the catcalls and harassment that a typical woman endures in a typical 10-hour day of walking in the city–except that she wasn’t harassed which was a big let-down.  If you think Rebecca Watson and Elevatorgate were isolated incidents, this video should tell you how absurd American women have become and how they are no longer worth the trouble.

Instead, this illustrates the ludicrous victim hysteria that the thought police known as the feminist movement has come to and why many men have pretty much given up on trying to please these self-entitled specimens that pass for the American woman.  I admit that the first thing I thought of when watching this video was a similar themed music video by a Ukrainian pop group called Nikita (NSFW).

Except that Nikita is flaunting their sexuality and reveling in the male attention in this video while the unnamed woman in the awareness video is a 5 on a scale of 1-10 and walking like she has a load in the back of her pants. She should take it as a compliment that men are giving her attention at all. Have our standards dropped this low? No doubt that if the ladies of Nikita were walking down the street like this, it would garner all sorts of attention and we would see the unnamed woman in this video snarking over what pigs the men are.  The karma, it stings!

This is why American men have decided to try their luck overseas where you can still try to converse with foreign women in the streets of their own city and still get a decent reception.  Even if the girls don’t look like Nikita, they are still nice to the eyes and often have a pleasant disposition.   Apparently, strong and independent American women are still weak enough to be brought down by men calling out hey beautiful or God bless you ma’am to them while walking in a public street.  A Cubs fan gets worse than this walking the streets of Chicago, especially if he’s walking around the south side!  The men in the video were actually very respectful to her.  I heard no insults, no derogatory names, no attempts to physically obstruct her from walking to her intended destination.  Even the couple of guys that were trying to start a conversation while walking with her were respecting her personal space.  Not a single one tried to reach out and grab her.

It was obvious that this awareness campaign was going to backfire even before I saw this brilliant spoof:

It’s not like we men have it any better in the street, ladies.  It isn’t all about you!.  But I want to probe a little deeper than the visceral reactions that most people will have read about by now.  This begs the question as to how a man should approach a woman that he’s interested in.  It’s nearly impossible to do so at work without getting in trouble with his employer.  You can’t do it at other forums like a skeptics conference (google Rebecca Watson) without being publicly humiliated, and now Hollaback doesn’t think you should do it in public either.  Were running out of options, here.  So what do you do?

Everybody has an opinion on the matter, even in the pick-up artist community, but none of the ideas will work for most men.  Roger Devlin seems to have some insight as to why.  In his review of Girls Gone Mild by Wendy Shalit, he states,

When a young girl becomes erotically aware of boys, she is endowed
by nature with a set of blinders which exclude the majority of them—
including many who can make good husbands—from her sight. What
gets a male within her narrow range of vision is called “sexual
attractiveness.” What is it?
It is not possible to find out by asking women themselves. They will
insist until they are blue in the face that they want only a sensitive,
respectful fellow who treats them right.


When women claim to be seeking kindness, respect, a sense of
humor, etc., they mean at most that they would like to find these
qualities in the men who are already within their erotic field of view.
When a man asks what women are looking for, he is trying to find out
how he can get into that field of view.

This metaphor about women having blinders is immediately relatable to any man who has struggled with getting girls interested in them and the frustration in having to deal with the rejection.  And this insight explains how Hollback’s video and the discussion that has ensued will do nothing to improve relations between the sexes.  Men will ask how we should approach and talk to women and women and their beta white knights will answer as if the man is already within her erotic field of view, only to get accused of harassing a woman on the street because she already has her blinders set to such a narrow view that she’s effectively looking down a rifle barrel.  Such men are trying to show respect to an entitled princess who would rather see them all get lost.  This is why this awareness video is going to flop big time.  But you wouldn’t need to tell certain men that.  They all know that it isn’t harassment if she likes you and a few have already discovered that women in other countries have their blinders on a broader setting.  Devlin concludes,

The advice they do give harms a lot of lonely
men who mistakenly concentrate their mating effort on showing
kindness and courtesy to ungrateful brats rather than working to gain
the things females actually respond to.

If Devlin is talking about American women, it wouldn’t be worth the effort for men to gain such things that women respond to.  Go East, my friends!


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