A One-Year Recap!

It’s been at least one year since I’ve started this blog so I think it appropriate to dedicate this post to recap this blog’s success with a small but growing fan base.

My most popular post this past year according to my stats was one that I wrote recently.  Sudden Divorce Syndrome and the Decembrist Wives discussed contrasts between married American women of today and Married Russian women of privilege in the past.  This post hit a deeper cord than I had expected up until this point and let me know that there are some people paying attention to this blog.  It inspired a couple of bloggers to repost it, had several likes and several comments.

In a close second in popularity was my post, British Expats Chime In About American Women. The spoiled entitled princess attitude of western women is well documented and understood among western men, but American women seem to occupy a category all their own if even the British men are tired of them.  This article got a ton of views including views and links from the pick up artist (PUA) community.

My article The Skinny About Russian Women (RW) and American Women (AW) takes the bronze for this past year according to the number of views.  It is a simple comparison of how obesity, and hence attractiveness, differ between AW and RW and how Americans seem to keep trying to redefine “a few extra pounds” as the new beauty standard.  The only problem is that beauty standards aren’t really driven by social consensus.  There are many objective measures, including a healthy BMI, that seem more prevalent in Russian women than in American women in regards to beauty.  But this trend may be changing.

It seems that articles I’ve written that cast AW in a negative light seem to get the most views.  This is hardly surprising to me.  Daytime talk shows and the new media seem dominated by women’s issues, who’s whole purpose is to, as Bill Maher would say, make women nod.  This fact didn’t really occur to me until the NFL recently made their football players wear pink to raise awareness for breast cancer during football games. Huh?  First of all, the NFL is the most successful sports organization on the planet with the Superbowl being the most watched sporting event every year.  So they aren’t really hurting for ratings. Second, I can’t think of a disease that has any more awareness in the public mind than breast cancer. So what’s the point?  Do men have a single western institution left for themselves that hasn’t been invaded by feminist concerns? So men have taken to a discussion of issues that concern them to the internet where they seem to have found a willing audience.

In part, this is because of simple demographics.  There are simply more women watching television during the day time and reading certain magazines and books than men so their interests is what the producers cater to.  It’s ratings you need to sell the advertising.  I get that.  But is there content that can indoctrinate women about how to be better wives and girlfriends? No?  Is there programming that chastises women for ruining a man’s life in divorce court? No? Then we can consider the well sufficiently poisened against male interests.

So it’s no wonder that articles like my top three get more views on my blog.  And I haven’t been around long.  I started this blog just to pass the time until my next trip overseas.  I took a new job recently, and as a result, I couldn’t take vacation until now.  So I started this blog to share some of my experiences and impart some knowledge to other men who are thinking about a foreign bride in the mean time.  You have a serious problem, ladies, because the thing is, trashing American women wasn’t really my focus.  I have a bunch of other content to try and share some experiences and educate men on how to look for a wife overseas, but they don’t nearly get as many page views.  The articles I write that criticize the American woman were to provide some contextual information and yet they get more hits than all my other articles combined.  Very telling, isn’t it?


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