Ukraine Watch: Marriage Agencies Are Still An Option!

The crisis in Ukraine seems to have settled into a “Cold War Detente” with both sides not really budging much from their position while a lot of rhetoric is flying around through the media. The Ukraine Travel Warning from the US State Department is still in effect and was what prompted me to suggest that a bride seeker might want to consider Ukraine as too hostile to consider for his bride search last week.

Upon further reflection, if the crisis remains confined to the Crimean peninsula, then looking in Ukraine might be the opportunity that the western bride seeker can capitalize on.  Ukraine’s economy was always lack-luster at best and has taken a turn for the worst in recent years.  The latest crisis was precipitated due to economic reasons and it seemed clear that the leadership lacked the political will to oppose it.  Ukrainian girls are no strangers to the inner workings of their country and how bad things could get, so many of them would likely be open to marriage to a foreign man.  But the latest crisis will do much to convince them that their destiny lies elsewhere and I can see many Ukrainian women being more receptive to foreign men as a result than they ever were since the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The only question that remains is, “Is it safe to travel to Ukraine?”

I know of a few marriage agencies in Ukraine, but there is currently nothing on their websites mentioning any conditions or consequences of the latest crisis, so I emailed them to ask about how safe it would be for a bride seeker to visit their agency and what the situation was in their areas.  Bare in mind that I’ve never used these agencies, nor am I saying that these three are an exhaustive list.  But they do enjoy a good reputation among men on the bride search.  You’re encouraged to do your own due diligence before making any decisions.

When I emailed Kherson Girls, one of their matchmakers replied that all was quiet and peaceful in Kherson and she was convinced that the latest trouble was being caused by agitators hired by Russia.

Michael Mordinson from Mordinson’s Marriage Agency in Kharkov replied personally to say that his agency is still open and daily life is proceeding as one would normally expect.  He wishes that the latest crisis can lead to a more democratic and successful Ukraine.

I also contacted Brett Ousley from Kiev Connections in Kiev.  His agency is literally two blocks from Independence Square where people gathered to protest and he says that they are still open and assisting clients and even shops in the area are still receiving shipments and customers.  There was one day where they closed early when some shooting started, but they are open now and willing to help.

Of course they also gave me their sales pitches about what their agencies have to offer and they wouldn’t want their businesses to suffer.  So consider these replies in that context.  But having an ally on the ground to assist you when traveling to a country where things are tense and anything can happen is probably a good move so you might want to be open to paying the extra money and visit an agency to make sure things go smoothly if you are planning your trip to Ukraine.



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3 responses to “Ukraine Watch: Marriage Agencies Are Still An Option!

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  2. Bill

    All is quiet in Lviv and lvivbrides is still operating as normal

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