Scratch Ukraine From Your List…For Now.


Nobody can escape the news that Ukraine is in a state of transition, if not, then downright chaos.  The US State Department has issued a warning  suggesting that American citizens avoid any unnecessary travel to Ukraine due to the violent protests and the seizure of several installations by armed gunmen.  That means Ukraine as a bride seeking venue is out!

It doesn’t seem clear when this latest crisis will end but Ukrainian’s president has fled resulting in a transitory government taking over the daily operations of the country.  Russia has mobilized forces in an “exercise” at their border with Ukraine and several government buildings in the Crimean peninsula have been taken over by pro-Russian forces.  It doesn’t look good and it may get worse before it gets better.  A bride seeker is taking extreme risk going there right now.

I find it ironic that we might be seeing another Russian incursion into former Soviet territory when the 2014 Winter Olympics just concluded.  During the 2008 Summer Olympics, fighting broke out as another former Soviet Republic, Georgia, tried to assert control in the breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia prompting Russia to invade.  It hasn’t gone this far with Ukraine, but things are tense and one mistake can send to whole region spiraling out of control.  So if you had plans to visit Ukraine to hunt for a foreign wife, then you might want to put your plans on hold until things stabilize, or search elsewhere.



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