Foreign Men Win the Gold! Add Sochi to Your List!


The 2014 Winter Olympics have ended, so allow me to congratulate the Russian athletes for such an impressive medal-worthy performance.  It didn’t look good for the Russians during the first week of the games, but they finished strong and that’s what people will remember.

The Olympics have certainly made an impression on the Russian girls in Sochi.  According to a few of the Russian woman in Sochi, foreign men seem to outshine the Russian men in all the qualities that matter to them.  At least this was according to a few RW interviewed in this article.

Anna, an olympic volunteer states her opinion very bluntly:

I know what I want now. I want to marry a foreign man.

Just when I thought that the foreign mystique of bride seekers has been played out with RW, it seems that many of them have yet to meet many foreigners, and so far, it seems that we foreigners are making a great impression on them.  This is an observation that seems to be noticed by many.  Svetlana Kolchik of the Russian version of Marie Claire has documented this apparent shift of young Russian women’s preferences for dating and marrying foreigners.  So this seems to be a general shift in attitude among Russian women and not just a minority view.

So what is the problem with the Russian men? Katerina says,

Russian men smoke too much cigarettes and they drink too much,They smoke a lot of cigarettes. They do not like to talk to women very much. It is more of an old-fashioned attitude.

I’m skeptical about believing such stereotypes about people, but Katerina’s opinion does seem to suggest that RW’s expectations aren’t unreasonably high.  If this is the case, then RW have AW beat by a mile in the attitude department.

Reports in Olympic coverage over the past few weeks suggested that a lot of Olympic spectators may not have attended this year’s games because of how much out of the way Sochi was compared to other Olympic venues.  So Sochi doesn’t seem to be a well traveled and overfished venue for the foreign bride seeker that other cities like Moscow seem to be turning into.  Also, Russia’s record breaking, budget busting investment to revitalize the deteriorating resort city on the Black Sea may mean that Sochi can be the new jewel for the adventurous bride seeker.  It seems that the RW in Sochi couldn’t get enough of the foreign men that visited for the games, and now that the Olympics are finished and the foreign men have departed, the RW in Sochi are eager to get reacquainted.  It may be a little out of the way for many travelers, but the rewards might make Sochi worth the trip.


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