The Beta Male Conundrum

The best times to be a beta male in the USA was probably beginning in the late 19th century (post Civil War) until the counter-culture shift in the 1960’s.  This was the period in American history when the provisioning and production characteristics of beta males were actively rewarded and encouraged while assuming considerably little risk.

To explain a little bit about what I mean, social scientists and evolutionary psychologists often assign an alpha or beta label to males within social groups of animals.  The alpha label tends to be assigned to the group’s leader. Whether we are talking about dogs, apes or humans, the alpha is the de facto leader; wherever he leads, the rest of the pack follows.  By virtue of his position he usually has a privileged lifestyle.  Among many privileges, he gets to eat first and mates with the most desirable females.

The beta male is often regarded as the second in command.  They also end up doing most of the provisioning and defense for their social group.  In the case of humans they even build and invent things. They may not be the top alpha, but they often get many privileges and rights in the group including food and mating with some of the females that the alpha may not want.

These categories are idealistic definitions.  In reality, most men often have alpha and beta characteristics in varying proportions that end up placing themselves on a spectrum that ranges between extreme alphas and extreme betas.  Some social science literature assign subcategories such as greater betas or lesser alphas to reflect this variability of traits among males.  They even assign the omega label to some males who don’t seem to have the right stuff and are virtually outcasts in their social group.  One may wonder if omega males are even useless.

The reason the USA of the late 19th century to the 1960’s was such a good time to be a beta male was because such a man was often accomplished enough to obtain some rights and privileges in society, including a certain degree of choice among women to date and marry.  Even beta males that marry were looked upon favorably if he was able to provide for and raise a strong and healthy family with well behaved children.  They were considered model citizens and pillars of the community.  Certainly, things were a lot better for the alpha males.  They got even better privileges and an even better choice of women to date and marry.  But there was a social contract in place that would guaranteed rewards for the beta males that contributed for the good of his social group.  The best part was there there was relatively low risk.  Technological and economic development had advanced to such a level in this country that a beta male can achieve this without an overt risk to his life.  He didn’t have to scramble out in the wild to fight indians, prospect for gold of build a farm and risk maiming himself or dying to have a chance at the American dream.

Let’s fast forward in time to the present day and ask ourselves what the beta male in America is getting now?  All the potential masculine jobs for him have started to get shipped overseas in the 1960’s so that he must either enter a service based industry that is more conducive to women or acquire an advanced degree in order to be considered more respected and attractive than a yeast infection.  And this just makes him dateable to a smaller and smaller pool of women since women, in the guise of feminism have pushed for larger and larger wages and salaries that are in direct competition with men.

No, having a degree and a steady job that can be terminated and shipped overseas at a moments notice only makes the beta male dateable.  There’s no guarantee that he’ll even get married and have his own children to continue his legacy because women are under no pressure from society to marry.  This won’t mean that they’ll stop having sex or having babies.  They just do it with alpha males and call it female empowerment.

If, by some chance, the hapless beta male manages to snag an American entitlement princess for the “honor” of putting a ring on it, he’s got a whole other world of marital strife to look forward too.  His American wife will likely gain weight and stop having sex with him and to add insult to injury, can divorce him on a moments notice taking half of all marital assets, alimony and child support.

Is there any social justice for our beta male?  Where is his respect?  Where is his reward?

This is particularly insufferable for the beta males that were born to parents of the counter culture movement in the 1960’s.  These parents were still preaching to their beta tykes the importance of hard work and staying out of trouble and what rewards can be expected if they do so, only to come of age in a period of time in American history where good paying jobs could be scarce and the most desirable women end up spreading their legs for an outlaw biker and bear his children to be raised on the public teat. It’s enough to make one want to quit the game altogether.  And hence his conundrum.  What does a beta male need to do to get some respect around here?

Women in Russia and the FSU still respect beta males and their abilities to provide and support a family.  This isn’t to say that RW are so much different than their American counterparts, but the FSU doesn’t have the economic and political stability that the USA does.  So RW, more than their American counterparts, must select their mates according to more realistic and survival-oriented criteria.  This is where a beta male from the US can do well by fulfilling this criteria.  Searching for a RW overseas could be the answer to the Beta Male Conundrum.



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