How Much For A Russian Wife?

Many romantically disenfranchised men in the US that consider seeking love globally are tired of tossing money down the sewer that is America’s dating market and getting nowhere with American women.  They consider a change in venue and look to other countries such as Russia and the FSU for love and marriage prospects.  But is doing so really cheaper than dating in the US?  How much does it cost to find a Russian wife anyways?


Well how much you got? Seriously. The cost might be more than you think.  You can find many foreign marriage agencies and dating sites online, like what you’re used to seeing in the US, but that’s where the similarities end.  You don’t get to meet the women at a coffee shop on the way home from work.  You actually have to travel and visit her country.  When you do decide to marry her and she is willing to marry you, you need to bring her to your country where she can’t work and barely knows the language and customs so it will cost you even more money to get her on her feet and support her.

The thing is that most failures of American men finding foreign wives for marriage can be traced to money issues.  They jumped into the foreign dating market without considering how much it would cost them and they ended being a bunch of keyboard romeos and never making their first trip, or they wash out after the first couple of trips when they run out of money.  They thought it would be easy and cheap.  Both give us Americans a bad impression among foreign women of wasting their time and not being decisive or not being real men.  So for the benefit of yourself and the rest of us American men who are willing to take the plunge, think carefully about whether or not you can afford this.

So how much does it cost?  Your mileage may vary depending on how wise you make your choices and where she lives.  Would $50,000 be too much for you?  How about $100,000?  Seriously!  You might want to rethink your decision if this is too much because these prices aren’t so unusual.  You might want to consider how your dating life in America has gone.  Were you able to take her to good restaurants and trips without breaking open your piggy bank?  Were you resentful of your American relationships ending due to how much money you blew on her?  If yes, then this adventure isn’t for you because you won’t have the stomach for it.  If you have no experience to know for sure than you simply don’t know what you’re doing which would be even worse for you.

But still, most men like to deal in hard numbers before they make big decisions like buying a home, buying a car or getting married to a Russian woman.  So I’ll try and give you some more perspective.  You don’t necessarily have to have $50,000-$100,000 sitting in the bank, nor do you have to raid your IRA, but you do need significant amounts of discretionary income.  This means, after you meet all your financial obligations (bills, taxes, mortgage, car payments, child support, etc), you still have a pile of money left over to use as you desire.  You are not living from paycheck to paycheck.

It’s difficult to say how much you need to earn annually to justify making a trip to the FSU to find a wife since a man making $100,000/yr may be drowning in debt while a man making considerably less while effectively being debt-free may be in a better position to make this trip.  But most assuredly you need to be making more than the median income (currently $52,000/yr in the USA) and that would be the bare-bones minimum because this tends to reflect a few realities of your situation besides money.  First, it tends to mean that you own a decent enough home.  Don’t forget that a foreign woman, and possibly her children, are going to live with you so you’ll need the space.  Second, this tends to mean that you are on a solid career path with decent benefits beyond entry level and heading towards a higher position or greater seniority that will result in increased income in the future which will help insure your success in this endeavor.  Third, at this level of income, you will likely have enough vacation time for return visits to maintain and develop a long distance relationship with RW that you connect with on your first visit.  This means about 3-4 weeks paid vacation or time off at a bare minimum.

Let’s break costs down a little further for clarity.  Just to get to the FSU will require $800-$2000 depending on where you live in the US (a big country) and where the girl(s) you want to visit live in Russia (another big country).  That’s the price of round-trip airfare.  Apartment rental for 7-9 days in the FSU range from $80-$300/night depending on location and amenities. So that expense will vary from $560-$2700.  So you can be in quite deep financially just to get to the FSU and you haven’t even started dating yet!  For meals, dates, flowers and activities, I’ve found that a daily expense of $200 seems about right on average but your mileage may vary.  But for now, let’s go with this number (total daily expense $1,400-$1,800).  If you’re not the seasoned traveler, you’ll also have to make sure you buy things like luggage, power converters, cameras, etc. but the good news is that you would only need to buy these for your first trip if nothing gets stolen.

Everything I’ve outlined in the previous paragraph is for just one trip in one city.  If you’re visiting multiple girls in multiple cities, consider these expenses a bare minimum. American visa requirements, mandate that you need to meet your RW at least once in person within the past year to apply for a fiancee or spouse visa, but only visiting once before marriage is risky because you don’t know each other very well and if you divorce under American law it will be even more costly for you.  Multiple visits are recommended to minimize this risk and unless you can visit her every three or four months, the long-distance relationship that you’re going to maintain simply won’t work because there will be too much time between visits to grow and stay connected romantically. So multiply all the expenses above for one trip by three or four and this is about how much disposable income you need per year ($8,280-$26,000/yr).  As you can see, it can vary quite a bit and that’s assuming you connect with a girl within your first couple of trips.  If you break up and need to start over, you can see how your total expenses can easily surpass $50,000 and even reach $100,000.

Can you swing this?  Or are you in sticker shock?  Or perhaps you find dating in America to be cheaper after all, even if it isn’t as fulfilling? Only you can answer this and there’s no shame in admitting that you can’t swing this for now.  You might be able to in the near future if you make responsible life choices now.  It should be obvious by now that, at a minimum, you need a degree, a good trade or be successfully self-employed and be in the workforce for at least 8-10 years to have the annual income and accrued vacation time to pursue a Russian wife.  If you don’t have this yet, then stay the course and let a beautiful Russian wife be the motivation that keeps you on the path of success!



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6 responses to “How Much For A Russian Wife?

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  5. Dale

    I appreciate the desire to be up front about realistic prices, but in my actual experience the amounts you suggested are far too high.

    My actual costs for Ukraine, not Russia:
    – air fare $1,800
    – visa: $0 for trips less than 90 days
    – apartment in city of 200,000: $33 per day
    – trips between cities: $0. It makes no sense to me to think I have to go to many cities to meet the right woman. If this city has 200,000 people in it, how can I claim there are not enough candidates? Plus you have to start over in the new city. Pick one, stay there the whole trip.
    – flowers: $4 per handful. Giving 1 to 5 is enough.
    – dinner at a fancy, but non-Western restaurant, that the locals use: $8 per person for a full meal.
    – dating: varies, but for example:
    – Walk in park, use bumper cars for 3 people: $3
    – Bowling for 3 people, 2 games each, with shoe rental: $4
    – Introduction fee to local dating agency: $50 per woman you meet-This is where the real money comes, as they are marketing to rich westerners.
    – translation: $15 per hour

    In my view, US tour agencies are a massive waste of money. Just go there, get a local agency, and meet women.

    • Welcome Dale, and thanks for the breakdown of your expenses. I was being conservative with my estimates but you can do this cheaper if you know what you’re doing. My observations with others that washed out was that they didn’t have anywhere near enough money to date overseas. Newbies tend to underestimate the costs.

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