Bill Maher: A Liberal Trashing Feminism

For anybody who might think that men who seek foreign brides are the real ones with the problems in meeting and having relationships with American women, I present a video montage of Bill Maher critiquing the feminist movement (or at least what the movement has become).

Bill Maher is a textbook liberal: He’s an environmentalist, opposed to corporate welfare, anti-religious, supports the legalization of marijuana and prostitution, supports Democratic candidates and is even a supporter of animal rights (Maher is a board member of PETA).

So when a staunch liberal like Maher raises issues about feminism’s unprecedented influence in today’s society, it’s a pretty good testament that feminism is off the rails and speeding out of control in this country. It’s not just the problem of a few lonely men that can’t get dates, feminism is rotting American society at it’s core because it has severely impacted how the sexes relate to each other. But it doesn’t seem like he or his fellow liberals are willing to accept responsibility for this speeding train accelerating towards disaster. He remarks, “It’s politically incorrect just to be male in this country.” That statement probably irks me the most considering that it was his liberal ilk whom rammed political correctness down America’s throat and now wonders why men have “left the debate”.

It seems that Bill Maher wants to get men back into the debate. I suggest that his first step should be to spend some time in the man-o-sphere on the internet. To put it simply, the man-o-sphere is the last bastion of freedom that allows men to be men. It’s a wonderful place where a man can say something blunt like, “Fat women aren’t sexy.” and not be judged, hated or sanctioned. So it is very politically incorrect, to say the least. I doubt that liberals like Bill would have the stomach for it. But if he stays long enough and reads with an open mind, he’ll see how deep male rage can go when the issue of feminism is discussed and why men have decided to leave the debate and even leave the country to pursue more happy and fulfilling relationships with foreign women.

If Bill and any other liberal is serious about returning men to the discussion, then they have their work cut out for them. They need to do a complete tear-down in regards to how the the government, politicians, the media and NGO’s deal with contrary opinions. They need to disband the PC hell that they have created and ask men what they really want and actually listen with an open mind. But this won’t happen anytime soon. As of this writing, Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty has been suspended for some anti-gay remarks he has made and the media and blog-o-sphere have piled on. And this isn’t a new thing. What real man wants to walk into a toxic environment like that?


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December 23, 2013 · 1:37 am

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