Columbian Scams Western Man For $40,000

Stories like this should remind you that if you choose to look for a foreign bride, you’ll be swimming with sharks. Fat Yuri has tricked many men into thinking he was a beautiful Russian bride but can only get a few thousand dollars before he either disappears or the Western man thinks that something isn’t right.

A scam perpetrated by a real beautiful foreign woman can obviously be much more costly. Tom, in the video, has been scammed before. So this second time he tries to be more careful and it ends up costing him even more money. He did most things right: He kept notes on who he was corresponding with to look for any conflicting information or evidence that a woman is changing her story. He verified that she was a real woman over webcam. He even arranged flower deliveries to verify her identity and address. So what went wrong?

Well, to be honest, he was batting well out of his league. If you look at pictures of Tom and Mila together, he appears at least twice her age and it looks like he could eat her whole. The pairing almost looks comical. Romance movies and literature give us the impression that love is blind, but this is the real world. People tend to pair up based on relative attractiveness. Two’s go with two’s and 9’s go with 9’s. Tom is a 2 who is dating a 6; it strains credibility. So the lesson here is to be mindful of what type of woman you can realistically draw in on the attractiveness scale. If she seems out of your league, then it falls under the “too good to be true” category. If you insist on buying into agency hype that foreign girls are too poor and traditional to care about appearance, then at least proceed with caution.

Tom may have also put too much faith into a system of screening women. It seemed like he learned the wrong lessons from a previous scam and tried to craft a fool-proof approach when he really needed was just a little common sense. Verifying a woman over webcam is a good idea, but this doesn’t mean she’s golden if you find out she passes. As Tom found out, the most dangerous scams are the ones committed by the women herself and not Fat Yuri.

Third, Tom had sent her money for an AIDS test and for birth control for Mila. This left me scratching my head and wondering exactly how this topic came up in conversation with a couple that’s just trying to get to know each other. I doubt if Mila brought this up. Something tells me Tom wanted to be sure that he could have sex with her without using a condom when he went to visit her in Columbia. He’s obviously never had a date in years, not to mention any sexual contact with a woman and Mila was probably the first attractive girl to give him any attention in a long time. A scammer dealing with a man like this has it easy. She can just show some skin and make up some medical condition so that he can start opening his wallet. Don’t make yourself an easy mark for scammers!

Tom has no more savings left and claims to be in debt after two visits with Mila so he’s not likely to fall victim to another one of these girls any time soon. If he were an optimist, I guess he’ll admit that he had quite a fun time while it lasted, but all good things must end eventually. But I’m also forced to imagine what he could’ve done with $40,000. He still could’ve gone to Columbia and slept with hookers if it was only about sex, and it would have been much cheaper! Leave the foreign bride seeking to men who are more serious about it. Or he could use the money and to see a doctor and hire a nutritionist and a personal trainer to get his weight under control so he can be more attractive to women which would have been an immensely positive investment. This is the most tragic thing for me when I think about this story is that the money could’ve made his life so much better. Don’t make the same mistake that Tom did.


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December 8, 2013 · 7:38 pm

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