Courage, The Easy Way

Obesity rates are rising around the world (including Russia), but it seems to be the American attitude to find beauty in obesity that simply turns me off.  One of my friends on Facebook posted this article about the recent publicity stunt of a 34 year old woman who weighs 311 pounds.  My friend found the idea of an obese land whale photographing herself nearly naked in public places to be encouraging and empowering.

I cringe at the female ideas of “empowerment” these days.  Female empowerment used to mean going to college, getting careers and participating in the political process.  Now it’s simply attention whoring.

The ironic thing is that my friend that posted this is an attractive girl about the same age as our featured blimp and has a good body.  I’d rather see my friend post pictures of herself in her underwear rather than an article about a girl that looks like this:


This isn’t what’s passing for beauty these days.  It’s ridiculous!  Sorry honey writing the word “beautiful” on your lard-filled appendages won’t make the world change their opinion on beauty.  Every man in that picture with her is non-discretely avoiding looking at her.  I’d like to encourage such men and every eligible bachelor in the US to fly abroad and to find an attractive wife and bring her over to our shores in protest.  It might start to wake up some of these BBW (big beautiful women).

Here’s some perspective:  This girl is 6 feet tall and weighs 311 pounds.  At these dimensions she has skyrocketed past the BMI of 30 that is considered obese and even past 40.  She’s the size of two normal women!  She says that she has been a “big girl” her whole life due to a “bad upbringing”.  News flash, my dear: You’re not a kid anymore.

Let me say something else as well.  Her little stunt isn’t courageous or empowering, it’s an act of laziness.  It’s laziness because she hasn’t tried to improve her situation, she gave up and is expecting everybody else to not judge her for it. Anybody can take pictures of herself and post them on social media.  Girls do it all the time to get a self-esteem boost because they know a bunch of lapdogs on her friends list will click “like” and leave a few positive comments.  Sure, our BBW got a few comments but it’s more like they didn’t want to be responsible for the negative comment that would push her over the edge and cause her to hang herself.

She says she wanted to do something outside of her comfort zone.  You know what else is outside her comfort zone?  A treadmill!  I can’t think of anything more empowering for this girl than getting her butt into a gym and walking on the treadmill for about 30 minutes, 5 times per week.  That and substituting a salad for one of her meals each day will do wonders.  “But that’s a lot of work!” One might say.  Well, yes it is.  My point is that she’s lazy trying to find an easy way out and ending up making a fool of herself.  What’s your point?

Is her health not important?

Is her self-esteem not important?

What about beauty – The objective kind of beauty and not the imaginary, made-up kind that she used to rationalize herself carrying around over 150 lbs of lard?

Before you call me crazy or judgemental, consider that my friend that originally posted this article had posted another article about how to get flatter abs the following day.  It seems that my friend who admired this woman’s courage is still compelled to stay in shape.  Even she knows that obesity isn’t beautiful.  


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