Obesity Epidemic Hits Russia! Scratch Moscow Off Your List!!

I’ve written before about how difficult it is to find obese or overweight women in Russia.  It’s one of the main reasons men are searching in that country for a beautiful wife.  But if this article is true, that time where American men can dabble in a target-rich dating market may be coming to an end.


According to the article:

Obesity has become a problem for over 25 percent of Russia’s population, head of the Nutrition Institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences said on Tuesday.

After an annual examination of 1,500 people across the country, dieticians found that 55 percent of Russians had problems with excessive weight, Viktor Tutelyan told journalists.

Yikes! One in four Russians are obese with more than half being overweight.  One would hope that it was just the men that had this problem, but no.

“Our women are way ahead of most European countries in obesity prevalence,” Alexander Baturin, deputy director at the Nutrition Institute, told RIA Novosti.

This isn’t too surprising.  Men are larger in size and have more muscle mass so it’s easier for them to burn calories.  Women are significantly smaller, plus childbearing requires women to retain body fat much more efficiently.  Typically, female obesity is more prevalent than male obesity, which is a problem for men that seek attractive wives.  It creates scarcity while the remaining women in great shape recognize that they are a commodity in demand and raise their expectations.  Hypergamy run amok is the result that men from America know all too well.

But it might not be so bad if Russia’s obesity epidemic is afflicting the older people.  We all know that people tend to get fatter with time, right?

The problem, however, goes further and affects younger citizens. In Russia, 19.9 percent of all boys and girls are overweight, and 5.7 percent suffer from obesity, Igor Kon, head of child nutrition at the Institute said citing the data collected in 2010-2011.

CRAP!  It’s affecting the younger kids too!  But that’s still only about 1 in 5 kids that are obese and that’s not nearly the obesity levels in America.  But barring a famine, obesity rates tend to increase in a country.  We can observe this globally over time, especially while a country is developing economically and increasing the living standards of it’s citizens.  So the question is, How much time do we have before Russia is overrun with fatties?

Not much time according to this article:

Over 38% of Muscovites are overweight, which is twice as many as 12 years ago, Leonid Lobaznik, chief physician of the Moscow healthcare department told RIA Novosti.

In his words, in 2008 [sic] 17.3% Muscovites were obese, while today the number is 38.2%.

The article was written in 2010 so 12 years prior to that would be 1998 and not 2008, so I think that it was a typo in the article.  The discouraging fact is that obesity rates in Moscow have doubled over 12 years and are probably still rising during the three years since the article was published.  Muscovites have similar obesity rates compared to Europe and maybe the USA!!

russia obese man

There is a lot of detail missing in the article.  I’d be interested in seeing a breakdown of obesity rates by gender, age and economic class.  This information might aid in the search for a Russian wife and hint at how realistic we must be and how we should refine our search.  The fact remains that it only took about a decade for the obesity ratings among Muscovites to double.  And that’s not counting the Muscovites who are simply overweight.  One may hope that a foreigner can utilize his economic standing and appeal to the hypergamous nature of women to snag a thin, Muscovite beauty, but with all the money flowing around Moscow, this opportunity has diminished greatly over the past decade also.  It would be like trying to get a beautiful American wife considering this environment, but with the language and cultural barriers in addition . Stick a fork in Moscow — it’s done!!

So where would be the best place to search for a beautiful Russian wife?  Here are obesity rates of countries of the FSU compared to the USA:

Obesity ratings of countries in the FSU compared to the USA (Source: 2008 CIA World Factbook):

USA                  33.0 %

Armenia           24.0

Azerbaijan        23.8

Belarus             24.3

Estonia              20.6

Georgia             22.1

Kazakhstan      23.7

Kyrgyzstan       15.5

Latvia                24.9

Lithuania          27.6

Moldova            21.2

Russia               26.5

Tajikistan          8.6

Turkmenistan   13.2

Ukraine             21.3

Uzbekistan        15.1

We see that Russia on the whole has an obesity rating of roughly 1 in 4.  This probably indicates that there are many other cities and provincial areas besides Moscow where the obesity rates are considerably less so an American man shouldn’t exclude Russia just yet.  Other Russian cities aren’t as rich as Moscow either so your economic standing will have more appeal then it does in Moscow.  But based on how rapidly Moscow became fat, other Russian areas might not be far behind.  I would estimate that a man has less than a decade to find a Russian wife relatively easier than back home.  Other FSU countries in a similar predicament with obesity include Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia and Lithuania.

The countries of Estonia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine have a relatively lower obesity rating of about 1 in 5.  The chances of finding a thin, beautiful wife drastically improve and you’ll have more options.  However, if these countries follow the same path as Russia, you may have about a decade left — maybe a little more — before the girls start getting fat.

Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan have obesity rates that approach 1 in 10.  These are probably the best obesity rates without the country being completely impoverished.  This is very good news for American men that are more adventurous and willing to cope with significant language and cultural barriers and a lack of modern conveniences.  With a little more economic development, I can see these being good venues for the next generation of bride seekers.

Despite what I’ve discussed so far, there’s still the unmistakable observation that there are so many gorgeous women in Russia and the FSU that one would have to break his neck to find a fat one.  I think there are two factors that might explain this:

  1. A person is obese if his BMI is greater or equal to 30.  This means an average women only needs to weigh 175 pounds.  By American standards, this is considered a few extra pounds or curvey.  So while Russians are seeing more and more of themselves becoming obese, they may barely be obese while the American obese can barely fit through the door.  It would be interesting to have data on average BMI for each country to provide some context to judge how serious the problem is and if a country should be avoided completely.
  2. Russia  has more of a shame culture than the US.  A person in Russia is judged much more strictly based on looks, so there’s a motivating factor to dress well and be in shape so that the stylish clothes can fit properly.  Obese people in Russia and other countries of the FSU will try to limit their exposure in such an environment.  To put it simply, they’re hiding.

Considering these factors, it’s possible not to see many obese Russians in your bride search, but the effect will still be felt because obese women will create a sense of scarcity that makes the beautiful women a more valuable commodity.  Factor this effect into your plans when pursuing a wife from the FSU.



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3 responses to “Obesity Epidemic Hits Russia! Scratch Moscow Off Your List!!

  1. I found the article very interesting. I will say this, there are a great number of beautiful women in Kazan. If a man wishes to base his mate on this criteria then this is the place. But carrying a few extra pounds isn’t a crime nor should a woman be judged for carrying them. I’ve found that the ones who are in this situation are extremely beautiful women on the inside. I chose a Russian wife because American women have forgotten how to be women. Here in Russia women are women and men are men. In the good ole US of A women want to be men or at least emasculate them. So by my definition of a good looking woman isn’t totally predicated upon the exterior looks, it’s a factor but not the most important one. Those who choose their mates based on this are generally selfish, self centered, and will be sorely disappointed once the honeymoon is over. It all brown paper wrapping in the end. Please don’t get me wrong just have matured with age,

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