A Marriage Social In Ukraine

Some agencies and other companies in the foreign, mail order bride (MOB) business host socials in the ladies’ home cities where men can take a trip to meet them in a public place to see if there’s a connection. It closely resembles a speed dating event in America, but a little more free-form and a higher ratio of women to men.

This is an interesting documentary about what happens in socials and gives a pretty good balanced presentation about what both the Ukrainian women and Western men expect and their impressions. Not all of it is positive or realistic.

As a disclaimer, I’ve never been to one of these events, but if I had to start my bride search over again, I would go to one of these. Experienced travelers think this is a ripoff because they are often hosted by unscrupulous MOB agencies and the women are only there for a good time and not serious about marrying a western man. All of this is true.

But what is valuable to a newbie who has just decided to do this is that this is a good opportunity to get his feet wet. He can plop down about $5000 and the agency takes care of everything. They arrange accommodation, transportation and translators to help you talk to the girls. They’ll help you arrange dates and meetings with the girls that you like the best.

For a Western man who might be intimidated about visiting a country to meet and date women on his own, socials may be a good idea to ease into the experience and to get acclimated to the culture and talking to the women. The idea being that you’ll have a good time conversing with beautiful women and you’ll have more confidence to explore and meet girls on your own on future trips. If the fairly large price tag bothers you, then you should rethink your decision about marrying a foreign woman. The whole process costs much more than that and you should be made aware of it.

Be careful about falling in love. Most of the bad you hear about the socials are true: very few women are serious at these things. You’re just on vacation, remember? So enjoy yourself!


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July 18, 2013 · 12:51 am

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