What To Say To Family and Friends About Russian Women

When you tell your family and friends that you are seeking a Russian woman or any other foreign bride, you’re going to encounter some skepticism or outright hostility to the idea.  You’ll probably hear the question, What’s wrong with American girls? Or something along those lines.

I can tell you how I handled this:  I simply didn’t tell anybody!  I’m going on vacation.  That’s it!  I encourage you to do the same thing I did for several reasons.

  1. You are really just going on vacation —  The fact that you’ve made initial contact with a RW, or more than one, and are going to visit them should mean very little to you.  You’re simply going to visit their country to meet them and see if you’re compatible.  While you’re there, you’re going to see the sites.  You’re in a foreign country for God’s sake.  Why wouldn’t you tour all the impressive and quaint monuments that countries erect to celebrate past glory?  Going on vacation not only is a plausible reason to your family and friends, it puts you in the right frame of mind.  Because unless you are a seasoned traveler, you won’t really know what you’re doing.  First visits have a high failure rate and you are a fish out of water at this point.  And if you invest too much emotionally at this stage, there will be too much pressure to succeed and you’ll be making a lot of dumb decisions.  You don’t know how long a journey to a foreign country is unless you head back after striking out.  Trust me on this; it sucks!  Plus, your family and friends are going to heap scorn on you for coming back empty-handed.  So you’re better off just telling everybody that you’re on vacation.
  2. You’ll be fighting with every feminist — Just between you and me, we both know why you’re going to Russia: the American women (AW) just aren’t doing it for you.  The sex you want, you’re not getting and the sex you’re getting you don’t want, right?  This tends to revolve around two issues with AW: They’re getting fat or they’re feminist.  Both kill boners in about 2 seconds.  Plus, every AW will seize the opportunity to spew bile at you saying that AW aren’t really the problem, it’s you’re problem for having too many deficiencies.  This is shades of blaming the victim or haters gonna hate and I’d rather not deal with it and neither should you.
  3. Every time you come back alone, you’ll hear about it — When the common person thinks of mail order brides or RW, they think you just go and pick one up and bring her over here.  You and I both know that this isn’t how it works.  Your well-meaning friends and family simply don’t know what they’re talking about and you’ll have little success in trying to educate them.  Take my word for it.  People are fighting hard to stay ignorant.  It actually takes much more time and patience and every time they see you without somebody, your family and friends will try and get you to give up the pursuit by reiterating that it’s a dumb idea and that they’re just after a green card if you do succeed.

So you’re just going on vacation, alright?  Trust me on this one.  One day when you succeed and bring the girl to the US on a spousal or fiance visa, you can tell people that you met at a nice coffee shop overlooking Red Square, or some other land mark, and it will seem so romantic for your family and friends to hear it.  Especially the women; they’re into a lot of that fate, destiny and soul mate nonsense, so you’ll have to sell it that way to convince them that you and your foreign bride are the real deal.  It’s easier to do this if they think you met on vacation rather than them thinking you meant for it to happen this way.



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