Featured Russian Woman (RW)

Here is another RW that you might be interested in from Elena’s Models.  Her name is Svetlana and she’s a 20 year old student from Kiev, Ukraine:


Svetlana has beautiful eyes, but that isn’t the most amazing thing about her.  She writes in her profile:

I want to meet a man for a marriage. I want to create a relationship based on honesty, kindness, attention, trust, love and tenderness. The most important thing in my life are a family, children and parents. If you want to get to know more, e-mail me!

She’s only 20 years old and thinking about marriage already!  This is the quality about RW that blow American women out of competition.  RW are very marriage oriented and seek stable and trustworthy men at an early age.  American women simply don’t have marriage as a priority and certainly won’t admit it in their profile on Match or eHarmony.  If you’re a marriage-minded man you should really consider Russia or other countries in the former Soviet Union for their women.  And if you think Svetlana is an unusual case of a RW seeking marriages so early in life, then stop by Elena’s Models and see for yourself how many RW have the same dreams as Svetlana!


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