Don’t Be a Keyboard Romeo

So the idea of having a beautiful woman on your arm to grow old with has enticed you enough to visit an international dating site and start writing to women from Russia or other countries of the former Soviet Union.  You’re off to a good start and your response rate has been better than you can possibly hope for on Match or eHarmony.  You’re exchanging pictures, hopes and dreams.  You’re also convinced that you are talking to a real woman.  Maybe you’ve even had some live video chats on Skype.  She’s real for sure.  She even likes you.  You can’t believe your luck.

Then she stops writing to you and refuses all future inquires from you.  

“What happened? We were getting along so well!”

Answer:  She didn’t think you were serious.  You’re a keyboard romeo.

Keyboard romeos are what Russian women (RW) call foreigners that write and write and write, but never visit.  Any RW who has any value on the dating market has already encountered hundreds of men like this, or if she’s just started to step into the international dating market, she’s definitely heard about such men.

You see, Russia has internet service also, but they are often charged by the minute.  The concept of flat rates hasn’t reached them yet for some reason.  So you’re not just wasting their time, you’re wasting their money.  Making contact and writing letters is the easy part in this pursuit.  But you must commit to visiting a RW within a reasonable time frame; no excuses.  RW share all sorts of stories about men who write sweet and loving letters, but when it comes time to plan a visit to her home country, something always comes up.  It could be work schedules, family emergencies, etc.  It doesn’t matter.  Don’t be one of those men.

How do you know if you’re a keyboard romeo?  Easy.  You haven’t gotten on the plane yet.  That’s how you know.  It doesn’t matter if you have good intentions.  All women respect a man of action and RW are no different in this regard.  In fact, their culture is more of a patriarchy than in the west where men are expected to lead and make decisions.  Delaying or procrastinating your visit, and your Russian sweetheart doesn’t see you as a real man who can follow through and goes after what he wants.

That’s why the RW you felt you had such good chemistry with stopped writing.  She doesn’t see you as a real man.  Does it upset you?  It should.  Now get on that plane and prove her wrong!



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5 responses to “Don’t Be a Keyboard Romeo

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  5. I have published a blog post similar to this today. It is called “Keyboard Romeos versus Men of Action”.

    Foreign women are smart. They are not going to keep reading pointless email letters from Keyboard Romeos. The women are looking for Men of Action mainly or only.

    If an American or Western man wants to continue communication or a connection with a foreign woman, he has to get on an airplane and visit her in her country.

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