The Skinny About Russian Women (RW) and American Women (AW)

It’s no big secret that physical attraction are what motivates a man to pursue a woman, at least initially.  If you don’t believe me, take this survey:

Which of these two women is more attractive?



The second girl is more attractive in my opinion.  How about you guys?

Guess which of the women is from Russia?

You probably selected the same picture.  Russia has fast become the place where supermodels are born according to elites in the fashion industry.  One of the primary reasons is the difference in obesity rates between Russia and the USA and the differences in perceptions of people with excess weight.

The funny thing is I wasn’t trying to make the survey a blowout between those two women in the pictures.  It was difficult to find pictures of two women with similar attractiveness but simply one of them being a little overweight, even with a search engine.  Type in “fat women” or “overweight women” into Google and you’ll get pictures of beached land whales that need to be placed on a flatbed trailer in order to be driven anywhere.  Ironically, the one I settled on as an example of an overweight woman was a picture being sent around Facebook asking members to click “like” it if they think she’s beautiful!  Huh?  She isn’t even wearing any makeup!

Next I try entering “skinny women” or “thin women” into Google and the pictures it pulled up were anorexic women that would be a great stand-in as a holocaust victim for the next World War II movie.  To get a decently looking woman of a normal weight range I had to enter into Google “Russian women“.  Even then, it wasn’t easy.  There were too many supermodel pictures and studio produced pictures to sort through before I can find one that wouldn’t have put the fat American woman (AW) to shame.

Many of you reading this might think that I failed and that it is still a blow out between those two girls and that I manipulated the survey by selecting a RW to compete against the AW I chose.  That’s the point!

I didn’t want to spend so much time looking for just the right pictures, but my brief search convinced me that we in the US have a screwed up perspective about weight ranges that are considered attractive, or even healthy.  Why is it that when we discuss thin women, we start thinking about anorexics, and that we don’t consider someone truly fat unless they can’t fit through a door or can’t  get around town without a scooter?  Everyone else is considered to be within a normal weight range?  It might be the average American but it isn’t normal!

Health authorities define an obese person as having a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more.  That means for the average woman (height=5’4″), she needs to weigh only 175 lbs to be considered obese.  I’ve met several women, like the one in the picture, who weigh much more than that who would put on their dating profile that they are “a few extra pounds” but she’s not.  She’s fat!  That AW is obese along with about 35% of her sisters in this country according to a CDC report.  If that isn’t bad enough news for a man’s dating prospects in this country, the same report is that the percentage goes up as AW get older to about 42% when they get to their 60’s.  So a man might get lucky to marry a woman in a normal weight range in this country only to find her ballooning up as she ages.  A man might be lucky to marry such a woman, period.  Despite the male/female ratio being about equal in this country, a 35+% obesity rating creates a scarcity of desirable partners for a man.  So competition for the thinner girls go up and the women take full advantage of this by raising their standards to absurd levels.

The normal BMI range is 18.5-24.9.  This means that the average woman can weigh no more than 145 lbs to be at her most attractive and healthy weight.  To be frank it’s difficult to find a RW that weighs even that much.  Most of the profiles I see, and the RW I’ve met weigh in about 110-120 lbs or so.  Some even go as high as about 130 lbs but they are usually quite tall or exercise regularly enough to build some good muscle tone (note: muscle adds weight without adding much volume).  I would have to look long and hard to find a young woman that weighs 145 lbs in Russia.

It’s not just the fact that a man can encircle a woman in his arms and easily carry her over the threshold if she has a normal BMI.  Clothes actually fit better and she can wear more sexy fashions if she’s in the right weight range.  That’s a fact that RW can exploit to the fullest, much to the benefit of us men 😉

What about the men?  There’s fat men everywhere in the US?  Who are they to demand a woman keep her weight under control?

Good questions:

First, men are more attracted physically to women than women are to men.  I know feminism may scoff at that statement, but a multibillion dollar fashion industry catered to women supports this claim.

Second, insisting that a partner is within a healthy weight range is not bad advice.  There’s health issues to consider and those habits of eating and exercise that she is likely to pass on to her children.

Third, a thin woman will likely be happier in her marriage if a study from the University of Tennessee is to be believed.  The study (conducted by a woman!) assessed couple’s marital satisfaction over four years and concluded that the women in those relationships were happier if their BMI was lower than her husband’s.  This isn’t to say that a woman needed to be at the normal, healthy BMI; simply that her BMI must be lower than her husband’s.  Buuuttt, if you’re a man of means, why not go for the best BMI in your partner that you can… Why not look in Russia!



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11 responses to “The Skinny About Russian Women (RW) and American Women (AW)

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  5. Fuck american women. Most narcissist fucking cows on the planet. Far inferior to all other non eng speaking women.

  6. Hehe I am an AW who is 5’4″ and weighs 143. I am not in my 20’s though, so there’s that. In my quest for thinsporation, I googled something about Russian women and skinny, and came here. Well, I have to say that before I turn 35 this year, I am determined to be more Russian in both my looks and my weight. Wish me luck, this culture is a shit-storm when it comes to food. 😦

  7. Jim

    Well…I chose the first woman.

  8. Valeria

    Dear Author, what is your weight and height?

  9. Aeren

    This is complete shit you a biased piece of trash first if all the average weight for an American woman is 166.2 and skinnier people new flash don’t live longer next time sight your sources and right and actual factual price of information not biased scum

    • An average weight of 162 makes a woman unattractive by a large margin. She should be between 110-130 depending on height. She would need other redeeming qualities to attract a man if she weighs more than this. If 162 is the average woman,it is no surprise that men look overseas.

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