One American Woman that gets it and Two That Don’t

So why on Earth would a man want to marry a Russian Woman (RW) while there are so many good American Women (AW) to choose from?…Would be the most common question a man would hear when declaring that he’s looking to marry an RW.

Most people would ask that question thinking of somebody like Tracy McMillan.


Tracy wrote an interesting article for the Huffington Post entitled Why You’re Not Married.  In the article she uses a clever mix of humor and hyperbole for her reasons why women that want to find Mr Right have yet to succeed:

  1. You’re a bitch
  2. You’re shallow
  3. You’re a slut
  4. You’re a liar
  5. You’re selfish
  6. You’re not good enough

If you think that this advice was well received by her female readers, then you haven’t been on the internet that long.

Tracy, is a woman that most men would be considered a rare find.  She knows what guys like in women and is willing to use her gifts as a writer to help other women improve themselves so that a good man would be interested in her.  Her suggestions would be effective because they are something another woman would have control over and the power to change.  Tracy, lives an introspective life and is all the wiser for it.  But her article drew heavy criticism from many women, many who claim they don’t even want to get married.  Frankly, none of the criticism makes any sense. The six points Tracy made in the article could be interpreted as advice on how to be a decent human being so that other people (man or woman) will like you.  So what the hell are they arguing about?

Unfortunately, AW like Tracy are rare.  An AW that could have used her advice is Alyssa Bereznak.


As an intern writing for Gizmodo, she registers for the dating site OkCupid after coming home drunk from a late night of partying, makes contact with a guy through the site, goes out with him (twice) and publicly bashes him, even calling him out by name, on Gizmodo.

I know what you’re thinking.  Another creepy internet dating horror story.  No.  You know what Alyssa’s only beef about him was?  He plays the card game Magic: The Gathering and he didn’t declare it in his online profile!  He apparently plays it very well.  He makes money at it and is a world champion, but that wasn’t enough for this entitlement princess.  She requires the very best like a hedge fund manager (which he was!).  Wow!  A hedge fund manager and she still slammed him?  He must look like a troll?  Again, no.  This is what he looks like:


If a guy that looks like this can’t score a mediocre date on OkCupid with a blond trainwreck without getting chastised publicly, what chance do the rest of us have?  Dating is much better in Russia.

Our next diva that should have followed Tracy’s advice is Rebbecca Watson:


If you were standing alone with a RW in a hotel elevator and asked her to your room for drinks and conversation, she might turn you down (hopefully not 😉 ).  You would then return to your separate rooms for the night and that would be the end of it.

Only if you propositioned a woman like Rebecca Watson would you be reminded and shamed of the incident for almost two years now (probably longer).  You’d think that the man who offended Rebecca had grabbed her ass or grinded against her on the dance floor.  But the mundane incident happened as I described it: He asked her to his room while in an elevator with her, she said no and that was it.

Unfortunately for the man in question, Rebecca is a vocal pseudo-intellectual feminist that’s trying to make a name for herself in the atheist and skeptics organizations that she circulates by blaming the apparent lack of women in atheist and skeptic circles as sexist, and threw the match on the tinderbox that is the internet.  She posted a videoblog describing the incident and instructed guys who might be watching to “never do this” because it made her feel creepy to occupy the same hotel elevator with such a man at a relatively safe venue of an atheist and skeptics conference.

Never do what?  Ask out a girl for drinks and conversation?  Are you serious?

Of course people responded that Rebecca was over-reacting and she responded by slamming one of her critics at a keynote speech at another conference. Rebecca was once again criticized that that was in bad taste and Rebecca lashes out once again.  The flames spill out over the internet on the blogosphere and grows to epic proportions. Some prominent skeptics such as PZ Myers, Phil Plait et al side with Rebecca.  Maybe they were hoping that playing the white knight card would get them laid.  Or maybe they were just helping.  In any case they made the situation worse by giving Rebecca the green light to shoot her mouth off about every random topic that came into her head and blame it on a “sexist patriarchy with white privilege” in the skeptical and atheist community.  Now she could say anything without any worry of being sanctioned.

I follow the skeptic community often and have much respect for some of their big thinkers.  With any luck they may eventually recognize that their own actions leading to “elevatorgate” were a self-punishing sin by giving this spoiled brat with barely an education (which is helpful to skeptics) a forum to inflate her own perceived self-importance.  The best thing they could do is show Rebecca the door.

All three of these AW broke onto the scene in about the same year, and the shocking thing about it is if it were a beauty contest, Tracy would win on looks alone.  That’s how most men would vote.  Then once all three opened their mouths, it would be Tracy winning by light years.   And yet, Tracy has some humility and is willing to give practical advice.  Rebecca and Alyssa have turned rejection and criticism of men into a spectator sport worthy of a Roman colosseum.  How do they get dates with attitudes like this?

Does this clear up why I want to go to Russia and find a RW?  Go to Russia and see how well RW put their best foot forward in terms of looks and attitude.  If you ever asked a RW to your place for drinks and conversation, she may turn you down if she doesn’t know you well enough, but she would consider the advance a compliment.  She wouldn’t rant about it on the internet and try and control the men that would dare proposition her.  There are some gold diggers in Russia but most RW are happy that their man makes enough money to support a family.  They wouldn’t care if he had a geeky hobby like being a champion at Magic: The Gathering.

By far the most shocking thing is that Alyssa and Rebecca smugly think they are in the right and have some wisdom to bestow on the rest of us uncivilized men.  They need Tracy’s advice badly, but they wouldn’t take.  Even some women recognize bad behavior when they see it and have called them out on it, but they do the written equivalent of putting their fingers in their ears and humming la-la-la-la!


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