Who is Chemist?

I wanted to start my introductory blog post by introducing myself (Sorry, nothing incriminating).


I am Chemist and have been traveling to Russia and other countries in the Former Soviet Union (FSU) to look for a Russian Bride.  I am not married to one yet, but I’ve been in the search for one for several years and have enough experience and street smarts to share with the interested reader who is just beginning a similar search or is simply curious.  It would also be nice for me to refer family and friends to this blog in the future to explain why I was compelled to look for my wife abroad.

I’ve participated in online bulletin boards, yahoo groups and other blogs that discuss the topic of main order brides (MOB) under the avatar Chemist, rdChemist or some other variation on that name.  I simply work in chemistry for a living.  The name has nothing to do with me having chemistry in the romantic sense.  If it did, I might not have needed to expand my options to women that live in other countries in the first place.

Do a search of the term Mail Order Brides and you’ll find all sorts of dating websites and resources that present women who are (allegedly) interested in marriage to a foreigner in general or a western man in particular.  Apparently,  western men such as Americans, Canadians, Australians, etc have a reputation for being good husbands and fathers in the minds of a lot of foreign women compared to the men in their native countries.  This blog will deal with the FSU.  It’s what I’m most familiar with.

Like most men that have decided to look for foreign women abroad, I am divorced and in my late 30’s (no children).  I’m a professional with a decent job that makes enough money and benefits to conduct this type of search and support a family.  I own my own home in a suburb of Chicago and my future seems bright.  But creating a family has always been an elusive goal for me.  Like many men, I wanted to find a good looking, if not beautiful woman so I find Russian women (RW) to be that rare combination of beauty and charm.  It is no accident that many professional models breaking into the scene are from countries of the FSU.

I’ll talk about some of what I’ve written or eluded to in more detail in future posts.  I that it could be inspirational as well as informative and can stimulate some discussion.  There isn’t one, sure-fire way to find and marry a RW from the FSU and I hope others can give their input on various topics.  Stay tuned…


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  1. This I know first hand, after being married in the States and dealing with American women I understood being married to the right woman meant at least partially she needed to be in tune with her own femininity . On the other hand men in the States have been taught to sexualize women which brings many problems in itself. The problem is ours eyes deceive us which ultimately leads to divorce. I know this seems shortsighted and may be true, yet my experience has been that women outside the U.S. tend to chose based on different criteria. We all know some of these international women aren’t much different than American women. The trick is (if there is one) to examine not just the outside but the inside as well. The thing I looked for the most was, are they in it for the long haul or cut and run if things get rough. Marriage isn’t easy (crap we struggle all the time) we just made the decision there’s no other choice then to work it out. If I was to say one thing about American society that needs to change is, get rid of the throw away mentality. If it doesn’t work – get rid of it – start over, “again”. This thinking doesn’t just demean “the broken person” it demeans all of society. Sorry for rambling on, just needed to get that off my chest.

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